The Best of
Boy Bash Stickers


Two Wisconsin men, Bill Stone ( in Menasha) and Ryan Burns ( in Appleton) have created to reach girls through sticker vending machines you see in cheap restaurants. They've created some great stickers, but there is a special "Best of Boy Bash" section that is a tame counterpoint to Rotten Cotton. (Click in box for a larger version.) Boys Are Dumb, Boys Lie (in red with the horns of the devil), Boys Cheat, Boys Are Brainless, Boys Are So Weird, a donkey holding up a sign reading "Boys" with the subhead "some things never change), I Recycle Boys, Boys Are Great, Every Girl Should Own One, original I Make Boys Cry, I Make Boys Cry, and FedUp With Boys using the FedX logo. What do you think about this "Authentic Boy Bash Merchandise?"  Flatline Corp, or 835 Valley Rd, Menasha, WI 54942, or 877.499.3528 or fax 920.996.9488. Or, Flatline Corp,,1800 W Rogers, Appleton, WI 54914



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