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Fascinating Fart Facts -- Wafting Through Great Moments of Wind

A Hearty Honk On average, a man with a healthy diet lets out about a quart of gas every day, divided between 10 to 15 farts. (Mayor McCheese, on the other hand, can probably blow down White Castle with his sesame-seed buns.)

Ladies, Please Women fart slightly less than men, approximately eight or nine times every day, but their gas is more concentrated. (And if they ask, it smells like Clairol Herbal Essence.) Photo - fartfactsshh

Johnny Splits Sides with Crack Splitters Johnny Depp has employed a fart machine on several movie sets to break the tension, including "Chocolat" and "Finding Neverland." In the DVD extra "The Magic of Finding Neverland" the sound of farts can be heard during dinner, and Depp explains: "We sort of saved the fart machine for special moments. [Director] Marc [Forster] and I planned it out early on that we needed it to loosen that dinner scene up, so we hid the Fart Machine under the table and waited for the boys' close-ups and just started nailing 'em, and it worked like a charm."

The Godfather of Farts During the filming of "The Score" (2001), Marlon Brando would find out where his co-star Robert Deniro was going to sit in a particular scene and then tape a fart machine underneath the chair (according to Edward Norton).

Blowing in the Wind Flatulence is composed of approximately three-fifths nitrogen, one-fifth hydrogen, one-tenth carbon dioxide, and small amounts of methane and oxygen -- all of which are essentially odorless. The joy comes from trace amounts of other chemicals, especially ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and skatole (excrement), which people can smell at levels of 1 part per 100 million parts of air.

Jennifer's Panty Burps Jennifer Aniston, when asked by Diane Sawyer if she was an easy laugh, replied: "I'm the one who has the Fart Machine and the fart sludge and that stuff, and make a pretty big fool of myself laughing ridiculously hard."

Making Whoopee The Whoopee Cushion was inspired by an invention that's several centuries old: The "fool's bladder," a balloon made from a pig bladder that jesters reportedly used to entertain royalty. (An ancient gag that never gets old.)

Rover Let's It Rip Why is it easy for your uncle to blame his farts on the dog? Because Fido gulps lots of air when he gulps his food and water, causing him to be quite flatulent.

Naomi's Electric Trouser Cough According to Mark Ruffalo, Naomi Watts is a fan of electric explosions, and let some fly during a love scene they filmed. "We were up against the tree, completely naked, trying to act this scene in front of all of the crew and cameras," said the actor to the British site Teletext Newsletter, "and then Naomi, to ease the tension, had a fart machine going. You're about to do a scene, and all of a sudden it's like, 'Prrpt, prrt-prrrpt, prrt-prrrpt.' Instant defuse."

Firing Scud Missiles Your flatus has a temperature of 98.6, like you, when it's inside your body, but cools quickly as it flies away from the launching pad at ten feet per second.

Cutting the Coli The human colon has at least 395 types of bacteria, but E. coli is the highest-ranking offender, according to Stanford University DNA researcher Dr. Paul Eckburg. E. coli creates gas by munching away at the meal you ate a few hours ago and microfarting what it doesn't need. (And you thought E. Coli was just found on spinach and fast-food-drive-thru workers.)

A Complex Breakdown Beans, mushrooms, cabbage and onions cause a lot of gas because they contain complex sugars that your body simply can't break down. (So, remember, the reason hippies stink is because of the bean loaf, not the patchouli.)

Wading into the Brown Cloud. If you want to learn more about what's blowing in the wind, check out Blame It On the Dog: A Modern History of the Fart by Jim Dawson.
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