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For The Guys: Building An Effective Men's Movement

A few of us in Canada have begun to think about elements of the movement beyond personal things like gatherings and story telling. This is not to say, in any sense, that the personal, emotional, spiritual, etc., is or isn't good, real, helpful. It's just that we are beginning to be clear about the need for next stages or other realms.

For The Guys is just getting under way. Everyone is more than welcome. At this point, no funds are being solicited from anyone, so there is no "sell" going on.

Suggested objectives of FTG are:

This list is, of course, a gigantic one. Some of the objectives are very long-term and broad-based. Many more could be suggested (please feel free to do so). By all means, it isn't written in stone or even good strong soap. It's only a possible starting point.

The list represents a set of key elements or instruments a movement for social change must put in place if it is to meaningfully change popular opinion and political will. It has been created by individuals with extensive experience of social change movements. It incorporates awareness of the "life stages" of social change movements - including the ways they can limit or defeat themselves.

If you or your organization would like to be involved, please reply to this e-mail to request the first step: a For The Guys e-mail newsletter. This newsletter will be used to sift through real facts and good ideas, and it will start us down the road to a useful plan. Thanks for taking the time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Source: Kurt Halliday, For The Guys,

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