Menstuff® has compiled Freudian Slips that have appeared on Often included is the comment made by the person who found it.

Slip: I wanted my sons to know that their mom stoop for something - Mary Fisher. Comment: Curiously, that error was a common one way back in the days of manual typesetting, but it's surprising to see it now.

Slip: "To decrease stress on your body's sleep cycle from shift work, try to avoid frequent changing of shirts." Comment: "Yup, that sure does it for me. Of course, this also increases stress on one's nose and coworkers' noses, and may be a fashion faux pas, as well."

Slip: "With this easy-to-follow book, you'll learn to handle anything - from stress at work to traffic hams and grocery store lines." Comment: "Well, I'm pretty good at handling grocery store lines or stress at work, but man oh man, those traffic hams really fry my potatoes. Bad enough that I see them in the theatres, but emoting on the highway is just too much. I gotta get that book!"

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