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Finding her G-Spot

To a woman, there is nothing more irritating than having sex with a man whose only concern is his own pleasure. If he wants to be a real man, he has to make his woman a priority. The only way to do it is to hit what the proverbial g-spot. I am not a doctor, but I have enough experience to know what works. So listen up boys, because you are about to make your women very happy.

All men know that women have g-spots. The part of their bodies that inspire monster moans and trigger over-the-top orgasms. The popular name comes from Dr. Grafenberg, the man who discovered the erogenous zone. It is a nickel size tissue that is located behind the front vaginal wall. All women have a g-spot; some have experienced the pleasures it can bring when stimulated, while others don't even know it exists. Women describe the g-spot in one word: Hallelujah! It's a head-to-toe sensation, sending waves of pleasure throughout our bodies.

Most women find their own g-spot through masturbation, however; hunting for the magic spot with your partner can bring you closer together and be delightful. The penis is not the best tracking instrument. The instrument that you should use is your index fingers. Wonder why? Well it's easier for your finger to apply firm pressure to the spot midway up her vaginal wall. It is likely that your penis will glide past it. Also, the fingertips are better able to feel through the vaginal wall for the area that swells. Once you are able to find this 'ultimate' spot, she will be yours forever.

Men usually worry that they orgasm too fast, and wish it could be the same for a woman. Well, when a man goes searching for her g-spot, it becomes a playful game and sex can become incredible. What women don't want is a 'g-whiz' orgasm. It can take a few tries before her g-spot is located, which is why some practice is needed. While your fingers are inside her rubbing her wall, use the other hand and push gently down on her stomach right above her pubic hair. This will further stimulate her, magnifying the intensity of her orgasm.

Another thing: women aren't the only ones who have g-spots. Studies show that men have their own g-spot: the prostate, a gland that lies just below your bladder. It's a sensitive zone located on the inside of the body. Unfortunately, a man's prostate is usually neglected until he's diagnosed with cancer. However, it is responsible for a tantalizing sensation deep inside a man's crotch when he's sexually excited. This little piece of information could come in handy, especially if your woman starts hogging all the "g-spot" time. All you have to say is "Baby, you can find my g-spot too."

Source: By Vanessa Burton, vanessaburton@askmen.com or www.askmen.com/love/vanessa/vanessa1.html

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