Jane Ganahl

Menstuff® has compiled the following archive of articles by Jane Ganahl, a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Will you please shut up and get a life, already? - Critics targeting anti-boy T-shirts must have something better to do than take political correctness to new depths of inanity 02/22/2004

The best of the kiss-offs - Dear John letters make fabulous read 02/08/2004 

It's hard to date the perfect single in such a small town 02/01/2004

No one wants to be put in a gender box - 'A Doll's House' about basic need, not feminism 01/25/2004

Britney's blunder: Straight marriage can be risky, too 01/18/2004

Embracing a contented life - Single women pass on the idea that marriage cures all 01/04/2004

Keaton's joyful epiphany elevates us all 12/28/2003

Building meaning and a Christmas identity, one ornament at a time 12/21/2003

Gender politics in an election week 12/14/2003

Upon a midnight clear, you may be alone, my dear - Holidays put even more pressure on singletons to attach 12/07/2003

Studying the seductive women 11/23/2003

California voters have spoken : Sexual assault is now OK 11/16/2003

Singlehood as career choice - Bouts of yearning for marriage versus enjoying freedoms 11/09/2003

Where the boys are -- Salinas, Santa Ana, Alaska - If single men are what you're after, get moving! 11/02/2003

The Bay Area is a terrific place for a cheap date - It's not money that really matters 10/19/2003

Treat yourself like a princess - but remember to act nobly 10/12/2003

Demi's not the only one 'dating down' - Older woman, younger man couplings are all the rage, poll says 10/05/2003

Fears and fantasies of aging and dating 09/28/2003

Something to celebrate -- most singletons happy unattached 09/21/2003

Climbing out of self-esteem dumps, as measured by dating 09/14/2003

Nick and Jessica show us exactly how to mess up a marriage 09/07/2003

The big chill - If the sexual spark has fizzled in your marriage, you're not alone 08/31/2003

Nothing like the gift of gab to turn us on despite ourselves 08/24/2003

Facing empty nest hurts, every time 08/10/2003

Columnists do it on the road 08/03/2003

The ex experience can be excruciating or exhilarating 07/27/2003

Hollywood the last place to look for marital role models 07/20/2003

Newest category of grease monkeys: over-40 Wonder Women 07/13/2003

We didn't need a poll to tell us dating's no fun 07/06/2003

Sometimes a first love was just meant to be - These couples met in high school, broke up and now are rekindling romance via Classmates.com 06/29/2003

Kicking butt while looking hot - Films' female heroes pack quite a wallop 06/22/2003

When scouting for fathers-to-be, rely on 'Dad-o-Meter' 06/15/2003

Divorced men have great boyfriend potential 06/08/2003

The Bachelor IN LOVE - Firestone and his chosen one swear this one is the real thing 06/01/2003

Pursuing connubial bliss, 21st century style 05/25/2003

Addictive 'Personality' far from reality 05/18/2003

Getting ready for the divine justice that is grandmahood 05/11/2003

All alone -- and loving it - Berkeley author Anneli Rufus shares the pleasures of a misunderstood breed 05/04/2003

One woman's voice stands out among the men of power 04/27/2003

Whatever happened to 'Sorry, I'm with a date'? 04/20/2003

A little unconditional love goes a long way 04/13/2003

Does this perfume make me look fat? 04/06/2003

All we are saying is, give peace -- and me -- a chance 03/30/2003

Self time deserves a line on the to-do list 03/23/2003

Ah, spring training: Baseball, bad food and babes 03/16/2003

World awakens to sexy charms of older women 03/09/2003

Custom-made fantasies come hot off the presses -- for a price 03/02/2003

Having a mentor can change a girl's life 02/23/2003

Natural look is sexiest 02/16/2003

An escape to chocolate heaven - Give yourself a Valentine 02/09/2003

Living a lie - 'Joe Millionaire' exposes the ugly side of the mating game 02/02/2003

50 and never married -- let the stereotyping begin 01/26/2003

Alone, yet not lonely - Agent 99's guide to living solo accentuates the positives 01/19/2003

From starving S.F. artist to monthly savior of women 01/12/2003

Now Manolos are a girl's best friend 01/05/2003

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