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The Gay World Cup of Soccer ... Come Join the Party! - 9/29/07

Welcome to the 21st century of sports. For some countries, the fact that the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association World Soccer Championships is holding its "Gay World Cup" may be no surprise. But to the mostly-conservative Latin American population, this is big. For the first time since it's inception in 1991, the Gay World Cup is going to be held in a Latin American City: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires has become a very gay-friendly city, most recently announcing that they have legalized gay civil unions. The final game in the world cup is Saturday, Sept. 29 -- expect a party, song, dance and, of course, some protests.

Enjoy this entertaining video I found on youtube!

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"I'd rather have a gay guy who can play than a straight guy who can't play." Charles Barkley, Former NBA player

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