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Menstuff® has information on Testicular Cancer. Menstuff® has created a campaign to increase awareness of testicular cancer and the importance of doing self-exams for early detection.

Testicular Cancer Awareness Week
April 1-7

The "Get a Grip!" Campaign

Get a Grip! Testicular Cancer Awareness Week Campaign- Apr 1-7
Testicular Cancer - What Is It? (Short version.)
Testicular Cancer (The Complete Version.)
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The "Get a Grip!" Campaign

This public awareness and education program was conceived because of the alarming number of young men presenting advanced, incurable cases of Testicular Cancer (TC). It is designed to promote education, awareness, and the importance of early detection through monthly self-exams and correct diagnosis.

It happens the first week of the month-long Youth Sports Safety month in April. So that everyone working with youth, especially sports educators and health care professionals, will communicate the importance of early detection.

This campaign was designed to eliminate the stigma and embarrassment connected with boys and young men becoming more aware of their bodies, especially their testicles, and explain the importance and value of doing a self-exam at least monthly. It is essential to "Get a Grip" and promote the importance of self-examination for testicular cancer. It is one of the easiest cancers to cure IF it is detected in time. However, because young men haven't been informed or taught the importance of a self-exam, death for testicular cancer in the 15-34 age group out paces the number of deaths from breast cancer by women in the same age group. A Reall Man knows himself. So, "Get a Grip!" The following goes on to explain this amazingly simple procedure.

Self Exam for Testicular Cancer

In the realm of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", there's been a substantial increase in information about prostate cancer. However, Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in men ages 15-40, an age when we don't want to admit the possibility of illness. If detected early, it is among the easiest to cure. For men in this age group it is suggested a once-a-month simple self-examination. This can help catch this cancer at its early stage. The most convenient time to examine yourself if while taking a shower or bath.

The most convenient time to examine yourself is while taking a shower or both. The warm water causes the skin to relax, making the examination of the underlying issues easier.


Examine your testicles. Slowly roll each resticle between the thumb and fingers. Try to find any hard, nonsensitive lumps.


Examine the epididymis for lumps. This crescent-shaped cord is behind each testicle. This area is tender so do not be alarmed.


Evamine the VAS, the sperm-carrying tube which extends from he epididymis) of each testicle.


In early stages testicular cancer may be symptomless. When symptoms do occur, they include:

  • Lump on testicle, epididymis or vas
  • Enlargement of a testicle
  • Heavy sensation in groin area or testicles
  • Dull ache in groin or abdomen area

If you find a lump or have any of the above symptoms, see your doctor immediately for an accurate diagnosis.

This guide can be downloaded in its entirety or you can send for a waterproof guide that can hang on your shower head at home or school. $3 each. How to Order

Testicular Self Exam in Spanish

Todo hombre de 15 a 35 anos de edad debe protegerse contra el cancer de los testiculos.

  • Una vez al mes:  Examine sus testiculos despues de un bano o duchazo de agua tibia.
  • Palpelos con sus dedos indice y pulgar para ver si hay: protuberancias or hinchazon.
  • Busque ayuda si nota cualquier cambio. Descubriendo el cancer a tiempo podria salvar su vida...

Quiere saber mas?  Llamenos gratis: 1.800.ACS.2345

Get a Grip! Testicular Cancer Awareness Week Campaign- Apr 1-7

Each day at "Today" on our home page, the following topic concerning Testicular Cancer will be discussed:

Apr 1 - What is it?
Apr 2 - Symptoms
Apr 3 - What the doctor looks for
Apr 4 - Prevention
Apr 5 - Treatment
Apr 6 - Prognosis
Apr 7 - Resources

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