The Rules of Getting Laid

Menstuff® has some samples from The Rules of Getting Laid from a book by Ron Louis and David Copeland's by the same name.

Make her feel special
Show your romantic interest
Make Rejection Your Best Friend.

Make her feel special, and she'll give you sex. If you are like us, you've listened when women have told you that they wanted equality, and wanted to be treated the same way men are treated. What they didn't tell you, because they didn't know it, was that they want to be treated the way they imagine men are treated. In point of fact, many women labor under the delusion that men's lives are really easy and that anything a man wants is automatically handed to him, usually by a woman. As guys, we understand that life is rough and no one is going out of their way to protect us or make it easy for us. So when women told you they wanted equality and you said to yourself, "Okay, I'll treat you like any other guy," you probably noticed that when you did so, they didn't put out for you. The bottom line is that, no matter what a woman says, you have got to make her feel special if you want sex. You have got to do the work, find out what things make her feel like a princess in a fairy tale, and then do those things.

To seduce a woman, you must take her into another world, a special world where only the two of you exist, a romantic world, a poetic world. Sometimes this happens automatically with a woman: if you've ever fallen in love, you remember what it's like to feel like you are the only two people who've ever existed. You probably also remembered that, in that state, she really wanted sex. A lot. If you haven't ever felt that, don't despair-by following these simple guidelines, you can learn to create those special feelings. It's your responsibility, if you want to get laid. So how do you do it?

- Keep on the lookout for romantic ideas or situations. You can train your mind to always be looking for ways that little romantic moments can be created. The other day a friend of ours was at a Chinese restaurant, and got the fortune "Take the next opportunity you see-it will be wonderful" in his fortune cookie. Seeing an attractive woman sitting alone, he wrote his name and phone number on the back of the fortune, and as he left stopped at her table and said "you look lonely here...perhaps this fortune will cheer you up. By the way, I think you look beautiful." She smiled and accepted the fortune and he smiled and left. Two days later she called him and they now have a date planned.

This effortless introduction worked because it created a small, special moment in her otherwise busy, stressful day. He was appreciating her. He was doing something romantic. You can tell if an idea is romantic by asking yourself, "would a woman look back on it as incredibly special?" Our friend knew that the fortune cookie was a tale a woman would gladly tell about how she met her boyfriend. So it was romantic, made her feel special, and it worked.

- Look like you put thought into it. Women feel special, just like anybody does, if they think someone has done some preparation just for them. Cooking a meal, wrapping a little present, or hand-making a card for her will all make her feel like you are sitting around thinking of ways to delight her. The key here is to do things that give the appearance that you are thinking of her, even if you are not. When you do things to make her feel special and appreciated it will increase her desire to put out for you.

- Do something special and "out of the ordinary." Don't take a woman to the same place you'd go with buddies if you want sex. Take her someplace out of the ordinary. A river front cafe in a nearby small town, a walk in the woods where you've previously and secretly stashed a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a blanket you can "discover" together are all examples of "out of the ordinary" events. Even art films (if she likes that kind of thing) or museums can be out-of-the-ordinary events. You can be an "out of the ordinary" man if you know some love poetry by heart. That will make her feel very special.

- Focus on the details. Women want the "little things," so you should make sure every little thing is right when you are seducing a woman. This means flowers, new candles just lit for the first time, clean linens, the works. Everything is clean, nothing is sloppy. Romance is in the details, and you must have them right in order to succeed. Just as a businessman is always looking for new situations that can make money, a "man's man" is always looking for new situations that can create romantic feelings. If you take on this practice you'll make her feel special, and you will get laid.

Show your romantic interest right away. Do you want to learn a good way to waste a lot of time seducing a woman?

The best way is to try to be her friend first and then turn up the romantic overtones later. Showing your romantic interest in a woman right away upon meeting is one of the biggest seduction time-savers in this book. You must show your romantic interest in a woman right away, and she must know you are interested. There is no middle ground. Many men think that they have to establish a non-romantic relationship first before showing their romantic interest. They know that women want to feel safe, and understood, and truly loved as a human being before they take off their clothes and let a man degrade and despoil them. So lots of bonehead men take on becoming women's friends, figuring that then the woman will then know they are safe, that the man is a good guy, and will go nuts to have sex with them.

A bigger lie has never been told. The worst thing you can do in seducing a woman is becoming her friend first. At best it will slow down your seduction miserably, at worst (and most likely) it will kill your chances with her. It guarantees that she will eventually end up saying, "I wish I could meet someone just like you," but somehow not you. Here's why:

Women tell us that they decide about a man's status in their lives quickly--some have even told us that they decide in the first minute whether a man will be a hot lover or a lowly friend that they call for companionship when the real men are unavailable. Furthermore, if a man first establishes himself as a woman's friend, it'll appear odd to her when he "turns on the romance" later. She'll worry about "spoiling the friendship." She'll tell him he means too much to her to take that kind of a risk, and he will whine and only make it worse. If you've ever had this happen, it happened because you didn't show your romantic interest right away.

How to do it: You show your interest by doing the things a romantically interested guy would do. You establish eye contact with her and hold it a very small fraction of a second too long, you complement her in some way, perhaps by saying to the person who introduced you to her something like, "So this is the Jennifer you've been telling me about. She's even more beautiful than you said!" You also wink at her, feel free to smile at her, touch her casually (we'll discuss this later), talk about romantic things, and ask her about times she fell in love or felt romantic feelings. It is true that showing your romantic interest right away risks offending her, but here's the thing: remember, she's probably deciding about your status in her life right away. If you are acting like a romantic prospect, she'll have a natural tendency to put you into the romantic prospect category, because thinking of you as a friend when you are talking and acting romantic would take an effort she doesn't want to make. She'll fit you into the category you want because you are acting like you belong there. Act like a friend, on the other hand, and a friend you will become. As another plus, when you show your romantic interest right away and she does get offended, you know not to pursue her! Imagine what it would be like to know in the first five minutes whether a woman was interested and you should pursue her, or not interested and you should dump her! This is exactly what you will have when you start showing your romantic interest right away by smiling, winking, touching casually, talking about romance and complimenting her.

Make Rejection Your Best Friend. It takes balls to get laid, both literally and figuratively. Just like in business, you must foster the drive within yourself to succeed. You must keep your focus on the goal and not be sidetracked by the little details, like being rejected. The only way to have an abundant sex life is through rejection.

Many of our students feel crushed when a woman says "no." They get depressed and want to give up. Or they feel bad about themselves and think they are losers. We've also talked to guys who throw tantrums, get angry and blame the woman. These are natural reactions, but such reactions won't deliver the

The bottom line is that when a woman rejects you, you must take the long term view of things. Hearing "no" is part of the process of getting laid. When a woman says "no" you don't force her to have sex. This would damage your self-esteem, and could get you thrown in jail. What you do is go on to the next woman. You must train yourself as a dating commando to view and interpret all "no's" as steps along the way to your ultimate success.

Obviously it sucks to have a woman say "no." It also sucks to be spanking off in your room all alone. Remember: it isn't personal. Men ask, and women say "yes" or "no." Everyone, even seduction masters, hear "no" from women. They persist, and so must you. Even if it takes 1,000 no's for one yes, persistence is the only way.

If your goal really is to get laid, you must never, ever, ever give up. You may give up on a particular woman, but you don't give up on your ultimate goal of abundant sex. This never-give-up attitude is the key difference between a guy who is successful in seduction (or business, for that matter) and another guy who is at the whim of his emotions and fails frequently. The guy who doesn't let the rejection bother him succeeds, and the other guy fails. Which one do you want to be?

It is useful to view seduction as a numbers game. Keep in mind that even the most masterful seducers only pick up 10% of women they hit on. What they do is just keep on going and enjoy the process, like an adventure. You are learning a new art form, developing a new muscle, a new way of acting in the world and rejection will happen along the way. Be patient, for God's sake. No more whining.

Here are some things to remember:

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