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G, more strings attached

The popularity of G-strings among women has hit an all-time high, according to underwear experts.

Sales of ladies' thongs now match those of traditional knickers, according to one insider.

The success of G-strings began around five years ago among women trying to disguise visible pantie line - or VPL - when wearing a close-fitting dress.

But underwear manufacturers now say their appeal has broadened.

Pamela Scott, managing editor of the industry magazine Underlines, said: "I have been in this business for 20 years and I can tell you the G-string has never been more popular. There is now one G-string for every normal pair of pants.

"People have various theories about why they are popular but I think a lot of it comes down to sex appeal."

Separate research suggests one in three women would wear no underwear beneath an evening dress five years ago, but with the rise in the popularity of thongs this had fallen to one in nine.

Female staff at public relations firm Shaw PR say they came up with the figures after talking to other women at parties.

Mr Brandon Conway, owner of the Bra Shop in Brookvale said the VPL - visible panty line - was the major factor behind the surge in G-string sales.

"It's [the sale of G-strings] gone up 50 fold in the last 12 years and that's because everything about women's fashion now days is geared toward tight-fitting clothes," Mr Conway said.

He said women of all ages were opting for G-strings.

"Most girls wear G-strings at some stage, it's certainly a part of their wardrobe.

"There are various styles - lacy ones, or more thong-like ones," he said.

"A women wearing a slinky type of dress would chose a style of G-string which would be different to the kind she would wear if she was trying to impress her boyfriend."

At Bra -Vado in Kogarah, a retail assistant with nine and half years experience said G-strings were definitely the preferred form of women's underwear.

"In the younger market, I find that I sell more gees than briefs," she said.

"Over the years not one single lingerie set comes from the manufacturer without the option of a G-string or bikini brief.

"Ten years ago it was an unusual concept for women but these days, the women that come into the shop tell me that if they are wearing pants or skirts it gives them a better shape.

But customers at Lingerie World, a mail order company based at Marrickville, are a little more progressive in their tastes.

Retail assistant Daniel Butler said the most popular item for women was crotchless black satin panties, which sell for $55 per item.

"One in every three underwear sales is a crotchless," Mr Butler said.

"It's a nice cheap, easy access item that a lot people get just for the fun factor," he said.

He said satin boxers were the hot item for men.

"We sell men's G-strings and also pouch G-string which is basically a small moulded piece of material with string coming off it."
Source: Vanessa Wilson and PA, www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/08/14/1029113948524.html

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