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Source: The logo came from the folks at Fallout Shelter News and their "Guidelines for Hate Mail" page www.falloutshelternews.com/Hate_Mail_Guidelines.htm

Characteristics of those who write hate mail
What is Hate Mail?
We get letters

What is Hate Mail?

The noun has 1 sense in WordNet - mail that expresses the writer's dislike or hatred (usually in offensive language)
Source: www.cogsci.princeton.edu/cgi-bin/webwn  

Characteristics of those who write hate mail


This is true. Nearly everyone who has written me hate mail has called me names. I remember one guy who called me a "gutless wonder" because I wasn't in the military and opposed the war in Iraq. It never occured to him he wasn't in the military and in Iraq, either. I guess the reason he wasn't a gutless wonder is because he supported the war...as long as someone else was fighting it.


Yep, yep, yep. When people write me hate mail, if I respond I tell them not to bother writing back, because I will delete their email unread. Which I do. But nearly all the time they still write. And I always delete their emails without reading them. Sometimes they even put something into the subject line, to make sure I read it.


This also is true. They seem to think they are fully justified in viciously attacking people who write articles they don't even understand. Yet if anyone attacks them, they are shocked.


While in their minds it is perfectly acceptable for them to insult people, if it's returned they will continually write emails to avenge the insult. This is why even though I tell them I delete their emails unread, they continue to write.


They don't have a clue anything is wrong with them. In their minds, I'm sure they think those they flame are the ones with the problems.


Oh, yes. They have a very high opinion of themselves (even though they have no basis for that opinion, not when they can't even understand an article) and a low opinion of those they flame (even though the flamee is much smarter and more knowledgeable than the flamer).
Source: www.amasci.com/weird/flamer.html  

We get letters

6/25/09 - wow you know your pathetic when your problem is with individual freedoms and their right to express themselves as they see fit. the real problem is that there is a group of consumers that would buy this stuff for their minor child to wear. the evil here is bad parenting skills, not the fact that some one is making money of these items. get a life what you are doing is no different than the guy that sued a major league baseball team cause he didnt get a free sun hat on mothers day when it was advertised that the first so many mothers in the ball park would receive a free sunhat, he filed discrimination lawsuit and won.. jd cruser or eMail (Editor: We believe this is in relation to the T-shirts that someone wants you to but for your boy child saying "lil wife beater")

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If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us. - Hermann Hesse

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