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National Low-Cost Hepatitis C Testing Program Launched: Hep-C ALERT builds strategic partnerships for expanded access to testing

Hep-C ALERT, a national nonprofit organization, is offering low-cost hepatitis C antibody blood tests to the public - anywhere in the U.S.

Hep-C ALERT's first announcement of their national low-cost hepatitis C antibody testing program in March 2000, captured the interest of patients, health departments and nonprofit organizations throughout the country. Andi Thomas, Hep-C ALERT's executive director explained, "We were surprised at the response from health and nonprofit organizations. We discovered that these providers needed expanded hepatitis C testing options for their clients."

Accordingly, Hep-C ALERT is launching its low-cost testing program with the development of strategic partnerships in mind. Their goal is to enhance, rather than duplicate existing hepatitis C community efforts by specializing in this unique service. "We've found Hep-C ALERT's service to be a great benefit to our clients and look forward to working closely with them as partners," said Ann Jesse, executive director of Hep C Connection, a patient support organization in Denver, CO.

One or more of every fifty people in the United States is infected with the hepatitis C virus. The infection can linger without symptoms for decades while causing serious liver damage. Risk factors that indicate the need for prompt screening include:

People with any of the above risks should call Hep-C ALERT directly at 877-HELP-4-HEP (877-435-7443) for a confidential health-risk assessment and information about the blood test.

Organizations interested in strategic partnerships for hepatitis C testing, contact Andi Thomas 877-435-7443 x101 for more information. For general hepatitis C information, call Hep C Connection at 800-522-HEPC.

Source: www.hep-c-alert.org/about/press40.html  

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