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.One T-Shirt My Daughter Can Do Without--And Yours, Too

I've at times been surprised and dismayed at the way the trend towards women dressing in skimpy clothes has filtered down to young girls. I think it's a trend our daughters can do without.

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The shirt pictured above is not exactly an example of that, but it fits the general trend. Feminist writer/blogger Jill Filipovic says the shirt - "Hooters Girl (in training)" - is in a toddler size. See Filipovic's Hooters for the kiddies.

Anyone who would actually buy these for children should be watched very very carefully.

FYI: Hooters has a children’s day. At the Tucson, Arizona Hooters right near the AFB, Hooters hosts Wednesday Kids Meals at low prices. Hooters is an employment choice, but what the heck is up with bringing your kids in for “hot wings?”
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