IVR Cheat Sheet

Menstuff® has compiled the following information on the IVR Cheat Sheet. (The term IVR stands for "Interactive Voice Response", the fancy name for annoying computers who answer most phones these days.)

Are you frustrated when you call your phone company and they ask for your phone number? Or when your bank asks you to type in your credit card or ATM number, and then when you finally get a human on the phone, they ask you to tell them again. Hello, don't I pay you guys money?

The problem with most big companies is they hire non-strategic bean counters to run customer service as a cost center, and those executives get paid based on costs not based on customer loyalty and revenue. Guess what? If you don't talk to your customers, they won't be loyal to you, they won't come back, they won't recommend you to a friend, they won't buy more products from you. Some companies have figured this out, and they have created wonderful products and services that customers love, and which allow those companies to make money.

Solution: Paul English of Kayak.com created the IVR Cheat Sheet to help you quickly get to a human when you are trying to call a company for service. Find it at www.paulenglish.com/ivr Add a new number that he doesn't have at beach.paulenglish.com/ivr/add.cgi

It works better if you get the airport destination code first. You can find a list of 2083 airports in the U.S. at www.orbitz.com/App/global/airportCodes.jsp

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