The Joy of Pissing

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There is joy in pissing. Men love to waggle their dicks and unburden their bladders off bridges, into the snow, up into the air, on truck wheels, from tops of buildings, out the backs of busses. Men love to pee, piddle, piss, urinate, micurate and otherwise void their bladders of urine. When a piss is long overdue, there is an exquisite sense of relief when we finally get to go. What man doesn’t find a thrill in peeing on a tree or writing his name in the snow? It is a pleasure that combines the physical sensation with a sense of personal liberation and a hint of naughtiness.

But rarely is the topic spoken of in Western cultures. Even though most everyone urinates at least five or more times a day, it’s just not the subject of polite conversation at the dinner table, around the office water cooler or even in the locker room. In fact, we have created countless euphemisms to mask the public acknowledgement that we have to piss.

There are several factors that affect both our cultural attitudes and expectations about the body’s eliminative functions as well as each individual’s thoughts and practices. Biology is a fundamental influence that establishes the needs and processes for elimination, while psychological makeup is the main determinant in how we go about meeting those needs.

Since Freud, we understand that there is much confusion between the eliminative and sexual functions of the body since they share much of the same apparatus. We are almost universally taught that piss and shit are dirty. Hurry up, flush it away, get it out of sight is the standard lesson. Soon after toilet training has taken place, a child is often scolded for any innocent exploration of his or her genitals. No, no, don’t touch there! It soon becomes apparent to most children that the entire pubic region is off limits except in times of necessity. (A 19th century term for the room containing the toilet is “the necessary room.”)

But it feels so good to empty a burgeoning bladder that the conflict between pleasure and dirtiness often results in confusion and shame. Thus, the topic is hidden away to be spoken of most often, when at all, in jest and humor which the psychoanalysts explain as a common tension-releasing mechanism for the unmentionable. Ejaculation and all that leads up to it, being a generally more pleasurable experience, finds its way into open conversation more than pissing even though most men piss much more frequently than they come.

Biological and psychological factors influence how, when and where we piss. But also significant are a man’s religious practices and beliefs, his culture’s social customs, his community’s non-religious rites and rituals and, in some cases, economic forces . All these shape the attitudes and behaviors of men about pissing.

So the next time you are holding your dick in front of the toilet in your bathroom, at a urinal in a public men’s room or shielded by the open car door on the side of the road, contemplate how good it feels.

Source: Stewart Scofield. Fill out his survey for use in a new book. 

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