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Lipstick - the Ultimate Phallic Symbol
Is lipstick helping women get bigger breasts?

Lipstick - the Ultimate Phallic Symbol

I wonder if millions of women would bring lipstick to their lips everyday if they realized what it might represent? Have you ever thought about it? It's long, cylindrical, with a smooth, rounded tip. Most even supply a way to extend it even further with a gentle twist or turn at its base. And, just watch a woman's relationship with the lipstick as she applies it. Add to this the information below, and surely a male chemist had more in mind for this product than mear oramentation.

Is lipstick helping women get bigger breasts?

There has been a "growing" trend among women in recent years regarding their cup size, and scientists are trying to figure out where it is coming from. People point to early puberty as being a potential cause, but there's also another angle worth considering: lipstick.

Chemicals found in lipstick (and other cosmetic products) contain a false hormone called xeno-oestrogen. This mimicking chemical is added to things that are being applied directly to the human body, thus absorbed into women's systems. The artificial hormone acts like oestrogen, which has been known to increase bust size (even in men).

Now it's obvious that lipstick alone is not the culprit. But when taken in small quantities every day from dozens of products, xeno-oestrogen seems like an easy target. Who knows for sure what's affecting it? There's a chance it has nothing to do with these external influences at all. Any women out there with more insight and experience in this area?
Source: Adams Briscoe,

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