Liquor Ads on TV

Menstuff® has compiled information on network teleivion's action to start advertising hard liquor on television.

Tell NBC to Put A Plug in Liquor Ad Jug

"Would you want a liquor industry representative to enter your home and encourage your young children or grandchildren to take up drinking?" That's what Dads and Daughters is asking NBC CEO Bob Wright and corporate communications head Cory Shields today. Last weekend, NBC broke an honorable half-century broadcasting decision by beginning to air advertisements for hard liquor, without regard for the impact on children.

Today, Dads and Daughters launched a national campaign to help parents nationwide contact NBC and demand that it immediately stop airing hard liquor ads. You can email Cory Shields by using DADs' one-step advocacy tool at or write Bob Wright, NBC, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, 10112.

"NBC's choice has huge ramifications for trends in young people's drinking," according to DADs Executive Director Joe Kelly. "The federal government and the American Medical Association report that, on average, children begin drinking at age 12. A young person who begins drinking before age 15 is four times as likely to become an alcoholic as one who waits until age 21.

"Surely, NBC knows that children under 21 constitute a very large segment of its viewership. The AMA rightly identifies NBC's announcement that the ads will only run after 9 PM as 'window dressing designed to fool the public and distract critics of this preposterous plan.'" NBC's foolish decision blatantly puts profits before kids' well-being. Demand a stop now! DADs also urges people concerned about the issue to read the powerful statement issued today by American Medical Association Chairman-Elect J. Edward Hill, MD at  

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