Marriage Bonus

Menstuff® has compiled the following information on the Marriage Bonus which pays some straight couples up to $9,000 to get married.

DC Offers Cash for Straight Couples to Marry
How the Program Works

DC Offers Cash for Straight Couples to Marry

How ironic. With thousands of gay and lesbian couples anxious to get married, the District of Columbia is denying them that right while, at the same time, offering that special group of people - heterosexuals - yet another benefit to get married. They could get as much as $9,000 in federal funds (your tax dollars- and other cash just because they make their relationship legal. The idea, pushed by Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., and approved by Congress, gives couples earning under $50,000 a year a "marriage bonus" to buy a home, pay for job training or education for themselves of their children, or to start or expand a business. If a couple saves $3,000 in three years, they will receive a 3-to-1 match up to $9,000. So far, $1.5 million in federal dollars has been allocated, to be matched by private money from foundations and individuals. Just two couples and three individuals have signed up for far. How the Program Works
Source: USA Today

How the Program Works

What's Available
Marriage development accounts provide federal and other matching funds to couples saving their own money a home, pay for vocational education or college for themselves or their children, or to start or expand a business. Couples may save up to $3,000 in three years and receive an additional $9,000.

Who Qualifies
Married couples who are citizens or legal residents of the District of Columbia whose federal adjusted gross income does not exceed $50,000 and whose net worth is less than $10,000 excluding primary residence and vehicle.

Married or engaged participants must attend at least eight hours of financial counseling.

Unmarried youths must participate in long-term education, job training and other sessions.

Pre-Marriage Development Accounts
Available to engaged couples ages 18 or older under the same conditions as married couples, and to unmarried, childless individuals ages 16-22 (these will not received funds until they marry).

If a single person is independent of family, adjusted gross income must be less than $25,000. If he or she lives with family, the household income must be less than $50,000. Singles have up o four years to save up to $1,500 and will receive up to $4,500 in federal money.

Program Extras
Couples who attend a minimum of four premarital or marriage education or counseling sessions will receive a $300 bonus toward their accounts. Engaged couples may earn another $200 bonus to help pay for costs associated with marriage licenses and other fees.
Source: USA Today

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It is said that marraige is an attempt to change a night owl into a homing pigeon. Why is it then that in choosing among marraige, children and career, 49% of women and 73% of men would prefer all three?

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