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Marriage (MFCC) Therapists - Good or Not-So-Good?
Confessions of an Unabashed Marriage Saver
Marital Therapy

Marriage (MFCC) Therapists - Good or Not-So-Good?

A recent New York Times article warned people about the potential risks of seeking professional help for their marriages. It is without question that many, if not most therapists are not trained to offer marriage-friendly therapy. In fact, many therapists see divorce as a rite of passage. Unfortunately, people in the throes of marital problems aren't always able to recognize that they are being nudged right out of their relationships in the name of personal growth. But it happens.

Nonetheless, it's important not throw the baby out with the bath water. There are some therapists who really make a difference in couples lives. Not all therapists are created equal.

Here are some guidelines to consider when seeking professional help to improve one's marriage.

So don’t give up on therapy, give up on bad therapy. You be the judge. There’s a lot to be gained from seeking the advice of a third party who can help you find simple solutions to life’s complicated problems.

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Source: To interview Michele Weiner-Davis, Author of the newly released paperback, The Sex Starved Marriage and Divorce Remedy, call The Divorce Busting Center, 800-664-24353 or 815-337-8000

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