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What's Wrong with Men's Health in the UK?
Men's Health Week in England and Wales

What is the Men's Health Forum?

What's wrong with men's health in the UK?

Men's Health Week in England and Wales

Men's Health Week 2002 will take place from 10-16th June. It is a new and major opportunity for a wide range of organizations and individuals to work together to raise awareness of men's health issues and to develop practical initiatives to improve the still poor state of male health. Men's Health Week will be led by The Men's Health Forum, the leading advocate of men's health in England and Wales, with the support and collaboration of partners who share its aim.

Why a Men's Health Week?

It has been a long-standing ambition of the Men's Health Forum to establish Men's Health Week (MHW) as a well-known and clearly-defined event that focuses attention on men's health issues and stimulates health promoting activities at all levels. Richard O'Neill, a trustee of the Forum, has taken a lead in developing MHW, especially through men's health activities in Manchester which have generated considerable local interest and publicity. The Forum now has an opportunity to launch MHW as a major annual and national event.

Men's health in the UK is now beginning to get the attention it deserves:

A clear opportunity exists for health and other organizations - public, voluntary and private, national and local - to work together to focus attention on key men's health issues and to develop practical initiatives that can make a difference to the health of the nation's men.

The idea of an annual national Men's Health Week (MHW) was first developed in the USA where, in 1994, it was put on a statutory basis by President Clinton. The US MHW is now well-established and linked to a wide range of local and national initiatives. It is held each year during the week that ends with Fathers' Day (in mid-June).

What will Men's Health Week achieve?

MHW will:

What will happen in Men's Health Week?

The Men's Health Forum will launch a national strategic plan to tackle the poor state of men's health at a major media event in London. This event, which will be attended by politicians, celebrities, representatives of key health and MHW partner organizations, is expected to generate huge interest and publicity. The launch will also provide an opportunity for partner organizations to highlight their own men's health initiatives.

Local men's health events and initiatives on a wide range of issues will also take place throughout the country. These will be organized by primary care groups/trusts, health promotion units, hospitals, local authorities, schools, colleges, voluntary groups, charities, employers, commercial organizations and many other groups and individuals. These activities will not only directly reach individual men but also generate local and regional media coverage.

In the period leading up to MHW, the Forum will provide national and local organisations with practical ideas for men's health initiatives. These will include holding men's 'MOTs' in local pubs or shopping centers, organizing radio phone-ins with local doctors, working in schools on testicular self-examination, publishing anthologies of men's experiences of health problems and launching new policy or practice initiatives.

Working together for Men's Health Week

The Men's Health Forum will lead, co-ordinate and provide a national focus for MHW activities. It will not seek to control and dictate those activities, however. What is important is that organizations and individuals use the opportunities presented by MHW to develop the type of initiatives that interest and enthuse them and which are relevant to their particular constituencies.

The Forum is seeking partnership support from the widest range of organizations and individuals for MHW. It is not asking partners to endorse every aspect of its national strategic plan for men's health but rather to associate themselves with the Forum's commitment to improving men's health and with MHW. The Forum also hopes that supporting organizations will wish to develop their own men's health initiatives in MHW (and beyond).

The benefits of partnership will vary among organisations but they will include:

How to get involved?

The Men's Health Forum welcomes the opportunity to discuss the opportunities for partnership and joint work on MHW 2002 from all interested organisations. Contact details are below.

What is the Men's Health Forum?

The Men's Health Forum is a charity which aims to improve men's health in England and Wales through research, policy development, the development of innovative and imaginative projects, professional training and collaboration with the widest possible range of interested organisations and individuals.

For further information, contact: Peter Baker, Director, The Men's Health Forum, Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HR England or phone 020 7388 4449 or fax: 020 7388 4477

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