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What the Minions have to say about friendship


Asshole in a vase

My wall, my status - delete yourfself

Sorry I missed your call. I took too long to answer 'cause I was dancing to the ringtone.

Belated happy birth day

Apparently when you trest people likr hry treat you they get upset. Who knew?

Long time no hear male - Kritz, Rusty done

Social media and iPhones

Special needs kids

thinking of you - barefoot

mooned - thinking of you

Marie - not most important person in your life.

Alcohol - ice bad for you.

in2meuc -


Never pass up the chance to say I love you because tomorrow is not promised

Valentine's Day and family

Therapy/friendship - silly


speak my mind


Mother's Day

Love, valentine's ay?


Depression - suicide?

Be yourself

LGBT. lookism, classism, etc.

Getting old - turn about is fair play Natalie - might share this with your girls - something to think about when they go teenager on you.

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