There Must be More than This

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There Must Be More Than This

There IS more than this and you can have it! What keeps us from living the rich, fulfilling lives we desire? Judith Wright has found that too often we are tripped up by our dependence on seemingly harmless habits like shopping, watching TV, gossiping, and surfing the net. These are soft addictions, and they form a powerful net that traps us, preventing us from having more love and meaning in our lives. They fill up our time, but leave us feeling empty, asking, “Is this all there is to life? There must be more than this.”

Judith Wright’s fresh perspective and proven program invite you to overcome your soft addictions and discover MORE–a full, engaging life of more intimacy, purpose, joy, satisfaction and love. She promises a life in which you advance your goals and your vision every day. You will live more purposefully and feel more intensely, stop asking the small questions and start asking the big ones. You will fill your life with meaningful activity, and your soft addictions will fall away.

Educator and life coach Judith Wright coined the term soft addictions™ after years of working with students who came to her courses to get more out of life. They would experience insights in class but be unable to fully apply them to their lives. Wright found that her students were limiting their experience and enjoyment of life by engaging in unsatisfying routines. She discovered that these time wasters and draining habits, which she named soft addictions, have a powerful hold on us because they satisfy certain wants–to zone out, feel busy, numb painful feelings, or avoid anxieties–but ignore deeper hungers for love, beauty, spirituality and meaning. They substitute a superficial high or sense of activity for a sense of genuine purpose and fulfillment. In a very real sense, we become hooked on these habitual behaviors. But unlike drugs or alcohol, our soft addictions arrive in the seductive guise of a “normal,” socially acceptable activity.

There Must Be More Than This helps you identify and fulfill the deeper longings behind your soft addictions. Judith Wright’s eight-step program has now been used by hundreds of her students to overcome their soft addictions and open up their lives to a greater sense of purpose and happiness. There Must Be More Than This shares her methods, along with real-life, inspirational stories of success. Invite More into your life and know that you are living the life you were meant to live.

Source: Judith Wright, author of There Must Be More Than This: Finding More Life, Love, and Meaning by Overcoming Your Soft Addictions

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