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Jonno Katz, an Australian theatre/film maker, recently completed a 3-min promo clip for an Optus-MTV competition and made it into the TOP TEN. The pilot is called "What happened to August" is potentially a new multiplatform dramedy series about a man who finds out he has testicular cancer and is a cross between The Young Ones, The Office and Six Feet Under. Along with the video, he submitted a script to the pilot of a tv series that he's working on.

From January 1-26, 2007 people can vote for submissions in the top ten. The winner gets to make a 1 hour pilot episode with mtv. So how can we put it? PLEASE VOTE FOR HIM!!!!!!!!

Check the video out at

To vote, go to , click register to vote, fill out the form, click view top ten, click one of the top ten films, and then a voting page should come up.

The other way to vote is to text AUGUST to 19 663 80 (cost 55cents)   

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