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Independent Means = Independent Girls
Contest: Engineering: It's a Girl Thing

Independent Means = Independent Girls

Independent Means, Inc. is offering some great summer experiences again this year to help girls become financially independent. Camp $tart-Up® offers teen women fun, new friends, and a chance to learn how to become a Dollar Diva!

Summer $tock helps girls gain knowledge and confidence to make financial planning and investment an integral part of their future.

Noise™: A Summer Experience for the Music Entrepreneur will combine hands-on experiences, meetings with music industry leaders, teamwork and the development of music oriented business plans to give participants an introduction to exploring and developing business ideas.

Visit for information on all of these programs

Contest: Engineering: It's a Girl Thing (12/19/01)

Getting girls interested in math, science, and technology is the goal of the National Academy of Engineering's new contest "Engineering: It's a Girl Thing." Middle school students can participate by designing Web sites that provide information about what girls need to know for a career in engineering. The three top winners will receive cash prizes based on creativity, effectiveness of the message, and appeal to girls. The entry deadline is 1/2/02. Visit - click on Engineer Girl or call 202.334.2462 for more details.

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