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Juvenile Probation Officers Call for Reforms

A group of juvenile probation officers taking part in the Reclaiming Futures project has released a list of 10 recommendations aimed at reforming the juvenile-justice system and helping teens with addiction problems.

A new report, Juvenile Probation Officers Call for New Responses to Teen Drug and Alcohol Use and Dependency, recommends -- among other things -- that juvenile-justice officers:

The recommendations were based on the experiences of the 10 Reclaiming Futures communities, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with the goal of improving the quality of juvenile-justice and addiction-treatment services.

"This report is written by juvenile probation officers for other officers, treatment providers, family service agencies, policy makers and community leaders who work with teens in trouble with the law," said Jeff Bidmon, a juvenile justice fellow for Reclaiming Futures and a probation officer in the Santa Cruz County Probation Department.

"We know teen alcohol and drug use is linked to juvenile crime. Yet, few alcohol-and-drug-involved teens in the system get the help they need," said Laura Nissen, national program director of Reclaiming Futures. "Reclaiming Futures offers these young people more treatment, better treatment designed for their age group, and greater access to services beyond treatment, such as mentors and jobs that will help them flourish in the community and stay out of trouble."

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