Prom/Graduation Night Parental Pledge

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5,202 teens injured and 48 killed---that’s the US DOT’s nationwide casualty count for typical prom weekend car wrecks. Responsible planning starts with educating teens, parents and your community about the risks; and putting a safety plan in place. The same thing applies to graduation night. Prom or graduation night should be the best night of a teen’s life-not the last.

As a Parent or Neighbor, I pledge that:

I will not knowingly allow parties or gathering in my house when I am not present.

I will not serve nor will I knowingly allow youth under the legal drinking age to consume alcohol in my house or on my property.

I will not knowingly allow the use of illegal drugs in my home or on my property.

I wish to be informed, confidentially and without judgment, by any parent or neighbor who has PERSONALLY observed my child using alcohol or other illegal drugs.

I will make an effort to inform, confidentially and without judgment, the parents of a child whom I have PERSONALLY observed using alcohol or other illegal drugs.

If I am not a parent but a concerned citizen, I agree to all of the conditions.

This pledge is a statement of concern and intent.

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