Student says school rules punished her for reporting rape

A 2011 letter from the Department of Education to schools reads: "Schools should be aware that victims or third parties may be deterred from reporting incidents if alcohol, drugs, or other violations of school or campus rules were involved. ... Schools should consider whether their disciplinary policies have a chilling effect on victims' or other students' reporting of sexual violence offenses."

Actual leter:  (3 pages)
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How to file a complaint (6 pa(5 pages)


I offered to meet in private . I was denyed. Instead, the back room deals, puiblic actions (insinuations) that board policy doesn't allow a public response to. Accusations allowwed to be placed on the district's web site with responxes only allowed in private. . The same lack of respece shown to the girl's basketball team members years ago. Apparently little has changed. Getting the public supporters to show up and make speahes, directly naming me in the speech and minimizing my concerns for harassed students by making jokes.. All of this backdoor caucasing shows a kind of character. (shows to me aa lack of character. Trying to publically humiliate the adversary

Noone came to me to talk about it. I pursued the adminmistration for clarity and was rebused and directed to the superintendent. whose response was factual and said according to the rules, the information I was told I needed to make an observation wasn't available. I inquired further and received no response.

I asked the board about the Safe & Sober situation. It was suggested I contact the princiapl. I responded that she wasn't very responsive to me and was told it was probably because of ________________(Bruce's words) No alternatives were offerred. No one contacted me to clear things up. Giving me another indication of character. So I called for a meeting with the Board Chair and Superintendent to initial the process.

I would have thought that somewhere in this process of people's displeasure with my statements that someone would have had the cahones or veraious to reach out. But that apparently isn't in the school's culture, sort of a left-over from the previous regime. After all, some of the board that were with that regime to deny the girls a proper hearing (with the board) are part of this board. Habits die hard.

I'm not a vunerable teen age girl coming to the board asking for help and protecting. You can't humiliate me. I have long gone by the stance "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." They act in reverse and strengthen my resolve to protect the innocent when the powerful ignore them.

After tonight's board meeting I don't intend to say anything more in board meetings about until the rsults from the 2016 Student Wellness Survey are release. Hopefully the district will allow the public to see those results and not continue to supress the information fromn the public

Hopefully the district won't surpress the ddata from public perusal as is currently thje sase.