Rotten Cotton Up-Date

Menstuff® has compiled the following update on the Rotten Cotton web site, two years after our initial action. They've added some bumper stickers to their line of "quality" T-shirts. This is just to bring those who feel that the "Boys are stupid...throw rocks at them" T-shirts are humorous, might like to know some of the other "humorous" T-shirts that are being promoted and sold in this country at We're providing the information so you can see for yourself what is out there. Menstuff® has compiled the following update on Rotten Cotton.

# 202 Dead girls never say no
# 79 My kid raped your honor student
#231 Do these jeans make my ass look big?
These T-shirts were originally at On 12/14/04 we couldn't locate them. It appears they have dropped them from the web site.

However, these and other stickers can still be found at

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