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Self-Esteem Quiz: Are You Worthy?

Your self-esteem affects every part of your life. In fact, your own self-assessment colors the quality of your relationships (or lack of them), your career path, even your day-to-day happiness. Is your self-esteem fueling a better life or is your tank running on empty? Take our quiz and find out. Keep track of your answers, and check your results at the end of the quiz.

Your internet date is 30-minutes late. You:

A. Blame yourself, and say, “If I was more attractive, they’d have shown up.”
B. Give the person a few more minutes; maybe their stuck in traffic.
C. Stick to your 30-minutes late rule, take off and treat yourself to a movie. This reflects on them, not you.

The hottie in the gym keeps checking you out, but they won’t come over and say hello. You:

A. Think to yourself, ‘They can’t possibly be checking me out. Their probably just judging my skinny biceps.’
B. Make a subtle effort to investigate further; ask them for a spot and see what happens.
C. Flash them a big smile and hand them your number.

Your friends hate your trendy new haircut. You:

A. Immediately go back to your stylist and try to fix it.
B. Cringe for a moment, then get over it. It will grow out eventually.
C. Accept their opinion and change the subject. You don’t need their approval to feel good about yourself.

You’re browsing through a magazine, and see a photo of a gorgeous, shirtless model. You:

A. Think to yourself, ‘Oh, why can’t I look like that?’ while you mentally list all your physical flaws.
B. Enjoy the visual and turn the page.
C. Contemplate getting your headshots taken.

Your boss unfairly criticizes you in front of co-workers. You:

A. Shrink from embarrassment and avoid everyone the rest of the day.
B. Gather your colleagues for a morale boosting lunch.
C. Respectfully but firmly confront your boss in private.

Your best friend has just found his dream date. You:

A. Beat yourself up and wonder why you can’t ever meet anyone like that.
B. Feel the pressure to find one of your own, but don’t sweat it.
C. Share in his happiness; he deserves the best.

It’s Friday night, and you don’t have a date. You:

A. Spend a miserable night imagining all of the happy, fabulous people out having fun.
B. Get your favorite DVD, eat some popcorn and enjoy the solitude.
C. Put on your sexiest outfit and hit the town -- alone!


You need a self-esteem injection, pronto! Your overly negative self-talk is not only poisonous, it’s more than likely a self-fulfilling prophecy as well. Glen Heiss, a psychologist in private practice in New York City, says that habitually negative self-perceptions can—and indeed must—be shifted into more balanced views. “ It can become a vicious circle,” says Heiss, “when something goes wrong and you blame yourself or it, and then you end up feeling worse, because you’ve told yourself it’s your fault when it isn’t.” Try to step outside of yourself and get some perspective: Make a list of five of your assets and liabilities as a person. Is it easier to come up with your faults? If so, ask your friends if you’re consistently prone to self-critical behavior as another barometer of your behavior. “We’re all subject to fall into this category, because we all have bad days,” says Heiss, “but if you’re always viewing things this way, then it’s a problem.” If you’re constantly down on yourself, it might also be a function of depression, and you should consult your physician or a mental health expert.


When it comes to self-esteem, your glass is definitely half full. You’re flexible, adaptive to changing circumstances and realistic when it comes to rejection and disappointment. Your healthy perspective on how your relate to friends and co-workers helps you glide (usually) through difficult situations, but it wouldn’t hurt to remind yourself now and then just how good you are. “This kind of person tries to make lemonade out of lemons,” says Heiss, “because the fact is, we don’t always get what we want, but that doesn’t mean a bad situation reflects directly on you.”


You love yourself, you really love yourself! Your shining self-image allows you to forcefully steer your own ship, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. “People with healthy self-esteem don’t rely on the opinion of others to feel good about themselves,” says Heiss, who warns that you can have too much of a good thing, too.

A blatant overabundance of self-worth can in truth be masking deep-rooted insecurities. “The real proof of self-esteem is your ability to not only accept a compliment, but give them as well,” says Heiss. “Real self-esteem goes hand in hand with genuine humility, and the ability to share the spotlight with others.”

Source: Mitch Rustad,

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