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A Spoonful of Semen

There is a lot of confusion over the bonus value of semen in a person's diet. Actually, that is a nice way of saying, "Give me a good reason why I should swallow and not spit!" Some sources say that semen is packed with calories or bad for you, and yet others claim it is the elixir of good health. We can dispense with the myths by trying to understand why people have an interest in making such swaying comments.

On the one hand, there are some women and gay men who don’t like the taste of semen or the feeling of it in their mouths, and they will use weight gain as an excuse to forego landing up with a mouthful, or sometimes to pass up oral sex altogether. On the other hand, there are those men intent on getting as much fellatio as possible, and they'll say pretty much anything that will give them even the smallest chance of getting some.

Well, here's the low-down on the go-down: if you enjoy giving oral sex and your partner enjoys getting it (crazy as it sounds, there are some individuals, females more than males, who haven’t learned to exult this form of sex), then it will be very good for you. If you like having oral sex and you enjoy the acquired taste of ejaculate, then this too will be good for you. If you're doing it for any reason other than the pleasure it gives you, or in an attempt to learn to enjoy it more, it's probably a bad idea.

Ejaculate, or cum, if you will, makes a really strong impression, but when it comes down to it, is just a little bit of juice, with a lot of spirit. There is only a tablespoon or less to contend with, so no-one should be choking over it, unless it’s a reflex.

About 1% of ejaculate is sperm, which doesn’t seem like a lot but it comes to between a quarter and a half a trillion swimmers. All the rest is a water-based mixture that contains all sorts of healthy stuff. There is sugar which comes in the form of fructose, so all the diabetics out there, don’t call off the party on this account. Apart from that there is protein, Vitamin C, citric acid, zinc, phosphate and other enzymes. The bottom line – a shot of goodies and only 12-20 calories per tablespoon. No nutritionist would dare say no to that! It’s a nice additive, but don’t think you can stop taking your vitamin pills, it is nowhere near those quantities.

The amount of ejaculate produced may vary according to age, how hydrated the man is and the time since the last load was dispensed.

For those men who enjoy feeding their partners, you shouldn’t be serving it up until you've licked the spoon yourself. Semen is harmless to everyone, unless it comes with a sprinkling of sex germs. If you know or suspect you have an STI (sexually transmitted infection) then zip on a condom and keep the juices away from your partner. Moreover, the semen can even be harmful to the barer of the bad spunk himself. Some infections such as HIV are transferred into all the body fluids, so no extra harm can be done from transferring them from the genitals to the digestive tract. Yet, there are some infections, such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, which are carried in the semen, but can also infect the throat and mouth, so not only can an infection be given to one's partner through semen in the mouth, but a man can even infect himself.

Theoretically, a man can also infect his mouth and throat with other STI's that are transmitted through touch (herpes, HPV, syphilis), if he is lucky enough to have major flexibility and has been practicing his yoga profusely. But let's not get carried away with weird circus acts, when the majority of us can do very well on the basic recipes. Just make sure your ingredients and your utensils are clean and then dig in and discover the tastes, smells, sounds and sights of your efforts.

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