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Triumph Classic Triathlon for Seniors
Triumph Classic dates and cities for 2002
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Triumph Classic

According to the Surgeon General, more than 60 percent of all adult Americans are overweight or obese. The 50+ population represents the most sedentary and most obese segment of the adult population. More than one-third of all people 50+ are physically inactive. With approximately 80 million people turning 50 over the next decade, inspiring people 50+ to make a personal choice to live a healthier lifestyle is something that AARP feels it can and should do.

AARP wants this population to make regular physical activity a priority. As part of their campaign to promote physical fitness, AARP developed the Triumph Classic, a challenging but achievable mini triathlon targeting the 50+ population of all body types and fitness levels.

Last year, the Triumph Classic drew hundreds of beginner and seasoned triathletes in each of the six event cities. Because of the event's success and the importance of physical activity in maintaining good health, AARP is expanding the event this year to fifteen cities. This year it kicks off in Henderson, Nevada in May.

Several of last year's first-time triathletes are gearing up to "Triumph" a second time. These individuals are a great example of how busy people have worked to make health and exercise an important part of their lives. We can set up interviews with these participants, triathlon coaches as well as AARP spokespeople. All have great stories about the support they gave one another throughout their training and the special friendships they developed.

"The Triumph Classic is unique for several reasons: it's the only national triathlon series for people 50+, and it's geared towards people of all athletic abilities. We applaud AARP for providing the 50+ population the chance to be involved in a multi-sport event designed especially for them," said Bill Burke, President of Premier Events Management (PEM), the company that orchestrates the race logistics.

Triumph Classic dates and cities for 2002:

Henderson, NV, May 5, 2002

Pinehurst, NC, June 2, 2002

Nashville, TN, June 23 , 2002

San Dimas, CA, June 30

Naperville, IL, August 4

Rochester, NY, August 11

Madison, WI, August 25

Salt Lake City, UT, September 7

San Diego, CA, September 15

Metro Atlanta, GA, September 29

Irving, TX, October 6

Richmond, VA, October 27

St. Petersburg, FL, November 17

Phoenix, AZ, December 8

Honolulu, HI, December 15

The Races...

For more information on the Triumph Classic or to register, go to or call 800.424.3410.

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For more information, contact Jen Larson or Liz Klein at 202-234-2234.

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