A List of Suspected Spammers

Menstuff® has compiled the following information on individuals who have tried to use spam carrying viruses on us, and used our email addresses to send virus infected spam to others.

In the last year, we have received many notices from others that they received e-mail from us and some of it had a virus or worm attached. First, we don't send out e-mails with attachments. Second, we don't send out unsolicited e-mail. Third, we do answer questions you asked but again don't send attachments, and Fourth, we have a daily newsletter and monthly and annual self-exam reminders, but you have to sign up for those. The following is what we have received since November 1, 2002.

There are three basic ways they are sent.

Spammers Using Our Email Addresses

The first uses one of our email addresses as the sender. We found out about these either by someone writing back to us or the mail being bounced because the To: e-mail address they were sending it to was not a working address. Most of these spams come with little or no message and always have an attachment. We never open them.



The best in Adult Entertainment ANYWHERE..... xjj/menstuff@aol.com/none


Contact Us/Menstuff@aol.com

Eager to see you/welcome@menstuff.org/none


had 2 work fatalities. Based on employment/dangerousjobs@menstuff.org/none


"how are you"/whatsnew@menstuff.org/none



Meeting notice/frameindex@menstuff.org/none

A nice game/violence@menstuff.org/This is a nice game. This game is my first work. You're the first player. I hope you would like it.

nohref.bat/prostateissues@menstuff.org/none (contains a worm)

Resource Center/dangerousjobs@menstuff.org/none

To class/frameindex@menstuff.org/none

var loc/frameindex@menstuff.org

whatsnew/whatsnew@menstuff.org/none (contains a worm)

A WinXP patch/frameindex@menstuff.org/Hello,This is a WinXP patch. I expect you would like it.

yourself now!/dangerousjobs@menstuff.org/none

Spammers Using an Email Address of Organizations we Know

The second kind is sent to us using an e-mail address we are familiar with. We believe that the spammer catches our outgoing mail to one of these organizations and sends a reply back to us with the organizations email address, making us think that it is from someone we know. We don't open these either.

Subject/sender/message(same message, different sender)

: ACCESSKEY/crc@circumcision.org/none

A IE 6.0 patch/info@mkp.org/Hi,This is a IE 6.0 patch. I expect you would enjoy it.

End legal footer/sicsociety@sicsociety.org/none

Spammers Using a Fictitious Email Return Address

The third kind is sent directly to us with an attachment. Here are some examples:

Subject/From/Message/(same message, different sender)

Most emails from mzzruth@lvcm.com have carried a worm.

1705083764 PU/admin@only-porn.org/none

1997 by Microsoft Corporation. All rights/ladenson@jhu.edu/none

2001 TER International Ltd. All Rights/customerservice@kitchenetc.com/none

2002 MapQuest.com, Inc./adsubmissions@shoppingwithwomen.com/none

440,660)/webmaster@sylvesterstallone.com/none (gmmer@microsoft.com)


(ag.indexOf( /sales@netvision.net.il/none


A IE 6.0 patch/l_34@hotmail.com/none


Been made clearer through research on basic/dlee@walt.com/none


By Overture/support@mobilemessagecentre.com/none

Cbc, cbf /timothybonds@hotmail.com/none

Cellpadding/growyoungernow@getyounger.net83.net/none (marisiahammerton@yahoo.com.au, support@123greetings.com )

Cleaning install stubs/sciannameoc@spjc.edu/none


Cool Friendship to enjoy !!/mzzruth@lvcm.com (Found virus WORM_YAHA.G in file sharelove.scr)

Company GUID is/dvcam@duffs.net/none

Contact the/president@int-act.org/none(GODS@MYTHELITE.COM)

CraftSupplyPickupNote/mzzruth@lvcm.com (contains virus WORM_YAHA.G in file CraftSupplyPickupNote.txt.scr)


Done hiding/webmaster@payableondeath.com/none

ELUXURY.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved/web@byelove.net/none

End main table/smurdock@opw-fc.com/none

End Project BAR DART TAG/ollerton@pacbell.net/none

Enjoy Romantic life/mzzruth@lvcm.com (contains virus WORM_YAHA.G in file screensaver4u.scr)

A excite game/Joe@msn.com/Hello,This is a excite game. This game is my first work. You're the first player. I expect you would like it.

Following error has occurred/comments@historyplace.com/none

For comments, reply to/newwebsite@menstuff.org/For comments, reply to

A funny game/inet@microsoft.com/Hi,This is a funny game This game is my first work. You're the first player. I wish you would enjoy it. (travelsite@aexp.com/, smithy@nw.com.au,

Funny relations to ur friends !!/mzzruth@lvcm.com/ Found virus WORM_YAHA.G in file screensaver4u.scr

A funny website/vandenbe@trinity-health.org/Hi,This is a special funny website. I hope you would like it.

feelings-general,let's be friends/feedback@looksmart.com/none

A good tool/information@infospace.com/This is a good tool. I hope you would like it.

Have no messages to view at this time/Beachwalker@WebMillennia.net/none


Hi,index,meeting notice/nocirc@cris.com/none

Honey/InfoService@microsoft.at/none (ebenson@localmarketing.com, rhodesa@metisit.com )

Introduction on ADSL/Jb465@is9.nyu.edu/none (marisi@mindspring.com)

Joke Friendship to check !!/

Just in time for Christmas - $1,000.00 cash guarantee27439/ilillo0neyma@cutey.com/ none


LAWPPREGU3A001 2002. Live1/info@icgi.org/none

Legal Affairs/keith@well.com/none

A lesson title to begin/rdavies@infonautics.com/none

Let's be friends/mpeterson@ussa.org/none (hgTea@mail.com. support@selective-software.com)

L gen true comment/electroland@hotmail.com/none

Listening Skills/chodosh@jif.org.il/none

MARGINHEIGHT /webreginfo@ascap.com/none(adoptiopti@aol.com, Gwen@briggsproductions.com, auctionforamerica@kruseinternational.com)


meeting notice/mtngsystms@earthlink.com/none (KGriffiths@team.primus.com.au, PB-@untul.d,

A new game/k5501987@msn.com/This is a special new game. This game is my first work. You're the first player.I expect you would enjoy it.

New Roman/info@kohsamuithailand.com/nonoe

A new website/amberc@attglobal.net/This is a very new website. I wish you would enjoy it. (ianlee@askmen.com)

Nofollow/azlyrics@azlyrics.com/none (skoeppen@microsoft.com)

Noresize scrolling/nmonnens@webrep.net/none

Ondblclick/tempelawn@msn.com/none (GODS@MYTHELITE.COM)

On getting people to join the chat room/j_poblano@hotmail.com/none




Panoramic scenery/hphill@qwest.net/none

Please try again/success@ussearch.com/none

Popup0.phoenix.entertainment.venue recurse/Lundy@fun.ScrapbookScrapbook.com/popup0.phoenix.entertainment.venue recurse


Quick routing of documents./tjones@insearchofelders.org/nonoe

Re:snippets,eager to see you/support@ultrasisters.com/none

Resolve address/Derohn@hotmail.com/none


Romantic Love for you !!/mzzruth@lvcm.com/Enjoy this friendship Screen Saver and Check ur friends circle...Send this screensaver from www.friendship4u.net to everyone you consider a FRIEND, even if it means sending it back to the person who sent it to you. If it comes back to you, then you'll know you have a circle of friends. (contains virus WORM_YAHA.G in file werfriends.scr)

Romantic Screensaver to check !!/mzzruth@lvcm.com (Found virus WORM_YAHA.G in file screensaver4u.scr)

Several improvements to performance and/horner@lsb.state.ok.us/none




Since 1996/dnhwmtl@aol.com/none

So cool a flash,enjoy it/amberc@attglobal.net/none (kimberlycjones@yahoo.com)

A special funny website/shawky@polbox.com/none

A special humour game/brittney@xxxmediagroup.com/Hello,This is a very humour game This game is my first work. You're the first player. I wish you would like it.

A special new website/dwneder@remingtonpublications.com/Hi,This is a new website. I wish you would like it.

Support Disk for Windows 95 OSR2/lorendarcy@hotmail.com/none

That time on, studies of mind and body have for/serviceweb@comstock.com/none

To enter main page./admin@farmsecrets.com /none

To view the item./dnkbrady@astound.net/none

Trailer end/you@yahoo.com/none

Try it yourself./wheeloftheyear@bookarts.com/none

Used for residence). There are 12 part/kira@ABC.com/none

Use wild card characters./buddy_doyle@yahoo.com/none

W32.Elkern removal tools/lvolens@bgnet.bgsu.edu/W32.Elkern is a special dangerous virus that can infect on Win98/Me/2000/XP. Kaspersky give you the special W32.Elkern removal tools. For more information,please visit http://www.Kaspersky.com (mariemenahamhlg@msn.com)

Who is ur Best Friend !/mzzruth@lvcm.com (Found virus WORM_YAHA.G in file truelovers.scr)

Window.external.Property( /GODS@MYTHELITE.COM/none

A WinXP patch/allsmith@mindspring.com/This is a WinXP patch. I hope you would like it.

Without the accompanying Cytoxan, Ader watched/dperkins@tenet.edu/none

WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS/accountinfo@riverbelle.com/none

Wonderfool relations to ur lovers !/mzzruth@lvcm.com (Found virus WORM_YAHA.G in file rishtha.scr)

Worm Klez.E immunity/customer-service@pos-warehouse.com/Klez.E is the most common world-wide spreading worm. It's very dangerous by corrupting your files. Because of its very smart stealth and anti-anti-virus technic,most common AV software can't detect or clean it. We developed this free immunity tool to defeat the malicious virus. You only need to run this tool once,and then Klez will never come into your PC. NOTE: Because this tool acts as a fake Klez to fool the real worm, some AV monitor maybe cry when you run it. If so, Ignore the warning, and select 'continue'. If you have any question, please mail to me at customer-service@pos-warehouse.com (webmaster@masspolice.com, anniesmailbox@creators.com, requests@peanutpress.com, mhwake@socrates.Berkeley.EDU, igor@argo.net.au, ezine@alloycontent.mylistmailing.com, jew_ecko2001@hotmail.com

Your password/amberc@attglobal.net/none (johnpal@cris.com)

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