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Facts on Sports and Smoke free Youth
Special Benefits for Girls ...
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Facts on Sports and Smoke free Youth

Research has shown that students who participate in interscholastic sports are less likely to be regular and heavy smokers. Students who play at least one sport are 40% less likely to be regular smokers and 50% less likely to be heavy smokers. Regular and heavy smoking decreases substantially with an increase in the number of sports played. (Escobedo LG, Marcus SE, Holtzman D, Giovino GA. Sports participation, age at smoking initiation, and the risk of smoking among US high school students. JAMA, March 17, 1993; 269:1391-1395.)

The lower rates of smoking for student athletes may be related to a number of factors: (Escobedo, 1993)

Special Benefits for Girls ...

Smoking becomes a way for preteen and teen women to build a sense of self and stay connected with peers in the face of enormous pressures to be beautiful, successful, sophisticated, thin, independent, and popular -- seductive images that are reinforced in movies, music videos, and advertising. (Edwards P. Evening the odds: Adolescent women, tobacco and physical activity. Ottawa: Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity, 1995.)

Sports and physical activity are positive, viable alternatives to smoking in the lives of young women. They can give adolescent women the very benefits they perceive in smoking: independence, status with their peers, a chance to make friends, relaxation, weight management, and a more positive sense of self. (Edwards P, 1995)


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Smokers, male and female, inject and excuse idleness in their lives every time they light a cigarette. - Colette

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