Talk With Your Parents about Sex

Menstuff® has compiled the following information on ways kids can talk to their parents about sex.

Talk with your parents about sex

What Parents Talk/Don't Talk About with their Kids

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Talk with your parents about sex

Think you can only talk to your friends about tough topics like sex? Think again!

Studies show that kids who get their questions answered by adults in their life have less chance of getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant as teens.

Ask these questions or others you have on your mind to get your conversation started. Which approach best describes your style.

The "To-The-Point" approach

"Can we talk? I have a question about something we learned in sex ed class."

"I think I am not developing as fast as my friends. Is something wrong with me?"

The "Round-About" approach

"Did you see that billboard about being a virgin? Should that stuff be in public where little kids can see it?"

"This talk show had some teens on who had babies and the girls were only 13 years old. Do you think teens can be good parents?"

The "Wonder If" approach

"I wonder if you think it is a good idea to learn about sex in school. Do you?"

"I wonder if kids will like me better if I do things they do even if I am not ready."

The "I've Heard That" approach

"I heard that lots of kids have had sex by high school. Is that just a rumor?"

"I've heard if you say no to sex, the person you like will break up with you. How do you say no to someone and not hurt their feelings?"

Still think talking to your parents will be too tough? Try these tips from kids your age!

Your parents may have things to say to you about sex, values and morals and may not know how to start the subject.

Someone has to make the first move. Why not you?

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