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Breath work is more than inhaling and exhaling. It’s an opportunity to get in touch with our inherent feelings and release blocks that keep us from experiencing true intimacy (to quote Stan Dale - "in to me you see") with ourselves and others. This is a system, developed in the early 80's by Gordon Clay, to release stored or pent-up emotions without resorting to any form of violence. There is no need for our children or anyone else to see us hitting pillows to release anger, or to kick or punch a bag, slam doors or phones, or display violent behavior when experincing deeper levels of anger and rage. Tantrum Yoga is a system that also makes it safe for partners to experience their anger without fearing that either one will become physically violent. In a culture that seems to think that where there is anger, there is violence, Tantrum Yoga provides the tools to dismantle this perception without stuffing your anger or using anything else (drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, work, television, coffee, meditation - and the list is endless) to numb out. It supports coming into your real feelings, not those created feelings that you learned in order to be safe, to get what you wanted, or to cover fear, anger, sadness or pain. It allows the clearing of stuck feelings to make for an opening to true intimacy and joy. For as long as you hold anger, blame or resentment for someone, it is impossible to reach true intimacy with that person.

For more information on how and where to learn Tangtrum Yoga, contact Gordon Clay at gordonclay@aol.com

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