The Bridge

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The Bridge is a 3-day men's initiation ritual. We start on Friday morning and end on Sunday evening. All the men stay together for the entire time. Participants bring sleeping bags and sleep at the venue.

The first day is a day of deep introspection. During the day, we work on telling the truth about our selves, dealing with and expressing our anger, and allowing other men to speak their truth about each man. Often, we are not the best, nor the most objective, when it comes to ourselves. It is the truth telling of the other men, positive and negative, that often speaks to us most accurately.

The second day, each man undertakes his own Bridge process, which is a one hour initiation rite. Each rite is witnessed by the other men. The nature of the process is, of course, confidential. However, in general terms, each man confronts his own greatest fear and breaks through to a new level of wholeness and connectedness. It is the most powerful initiation rite I have experienced or heard about.

The third day is a day of integration. We take all the lesson and new feelings from the first two days, and inquire into how to integrate this new found power into our lives. The topics of work, mission, desire and woman are covered on day 3.

Overall, the event is very challenging, confronting, and real. We are not a new age type of program. We believe men are up to the task in a no bs format. We speak the truth and use it to empower men in their lives. If you visit our website at and click on Testimonials, you will see that the program works.

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