Being Single on Valentine's Day

Menstuff® has compiled the following information on being single. Flash: 2010. Some Bed & Breakfasts are offer a Singles Package for the VD weekend. What a gift to give yourself. Get away from the "phoney" process others feel obligated to be in, pamper yourself in quiet relaxation.

Single on Valentine’s? Hooray! Single and Loving It

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the happily (and unhappily) coupled of the world; it’s for us singles as well. So don’t sell yourself short by thinking you need a boyfriend or girlfriend to take advantage of February 14th. This is your day, too! Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate our independence from bad co-dependent relationships with people we never really liked that much anyway—and that’s worth sending greeting cards about! Here are five ways to make the most of this “romantic” holiday even if you’re flying completely solo.

Invest in a you-tual fund

If you’re feeling sad about not having love on Valentine’s Day, just think of all the money you would spend if you did: Guys, paying for dinner. Ladies, buying a new outfit and getting your hair done. Now you can use that money to pamper yourself. Do something that’s just for you, like an evening at the spa. Note: Most spas are empty on Valentine’s Night. You can walk right in without an appointment, and you’ll pretty much have the place to yourself.

Treat it like Thanksgiving

Make a list of all the things you personally have to celebrate about being single this year. For instance, I can celebrate not having to feign excitement over red roses and chocolate truffles from my ex when, if he had ever paid any attention, he’d have known I like Gerbera daisies and caramel corn. I can take pleasure in the fact that there’s not a guy sitting on my sofa playing video games all day long while I’m at work, and nobody’s leaving dirty drawers on my floor as if some magic fairy is going to pick them up and wash them some day. Best of all, I get the bathroom all to myself whenever I want. Thank you, Cupid!

Let yourself go (just a little bit)

We all know the image of the stereotypical single on Valentine’s Day moping around in sweats. Stop thinking of that as depressing and instead, consider it a welcome invitation to do exactly that for 24 hours. You don’t have to brush your hair or your teeth, and the day is yours to wallow in self-pity if you please. Just don’t forget to thank dear, sweet St. Valentine that you have the freedom to do so!

Clean your House of Love

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do some ghost-busting: Get rid of all those old love letters and stuffed animals from your exes that linger like the spirits of Valentine’s Days past. Consider this a way of getting yourself ready for a real love. Pick up a bottle of wine, go over to your best single friend’s house, and torch those love letters in the fireplace. On February 15th, drop all those stuffed animals off at a children’s charity on your way to a drug store to pick up some of that leftover half-price Valentine’s Day chocolate. It’s good for your soul and your tummy.

Throw a party

One of my favorite things about being single on Valentine’s Day is the Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. Have you heard of this phenom? Some lucky single person — usually whoever in your group has most recently been through a breakup — gets to throw this party. He or she invites all his or her single friends, who bring more single friends, and so on. A room full of singles getting together on the Day of Love... add some cocktails, snacks and strapless dresses to the mix, and you get a really fun party with no depressing end-of-the-night moment when you see everyone else leaving with a soul mate. After all, we’re single, not dead. Let’s exercise our right to have fun solo.

So this year, fellow singles, put Cupid on hiatus and embrace your freedom. Treat yourself with the love you usually give to someone else by celebrating Valentine’s Day any way you like—or not!

Freelance writer and full-time single C.J. Arabia has written for numerous websites and TV shows on FOX, Showtime, Comedy Central and ABC. See what she's up to on her blog at .
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