Women in Motor-sports

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Women in Motor-sports

Action Resources is delighted to have Barbara Armstrong, twice former British Ladies Rally Champion, front-running UK Porsche Cup campaigner in 2001 (with Parr Motorsport) and longtime mentor of women in motor-sport, as our "patron" for this section of the site. Barbara is an inspiration to many women who are hopeful of competing in the sport and has worked closely with SEAT in the UK for some years. Barbara is now working with Racingline Ltd in the organisation, promotion and management of the UK Formula Ford Championship.

But why have a complete section devoted to the notion of attracting women into motor-sport?

Barbara says: "I think we will open a very good window of opportunity to the younger female generation with their hearts set in motor-sport."

Quite simply, a large number of women are now working at senior levels within the motor-sport industry and are, increasingly, competitors. But, unless women are more visible within the sport, the family and female audiences that are so vital for motor-sport to flourish will remain largely absent. We want to campaign to do something about this and to encourage female participation.

The British Women Racing Drivers' Club website may be found at www.bwrdc.co.uk

The MIA took an important inititiative by setting up workshops on this subject at Autosport International 2003 and 2004; Janet Phillips and Joanna Royle attended on behalf of Action Resources Ltd.

We are interested in women competing directly against blokes - and succeeding!


A University of Bradford (UK) scheme to encourage more female engineering undergraduates has been used as a case-study in a new resource-pack for Universities produced by an organisation called the "Balance Project" which is funded by the Fund for the Development of Teaching & Learning (more on www.bradford.ac.uk ). Women constitute only 12% of all university engineering students across the UK apparently [item dated 21.03.04].

Businesswomen in the UK - and many female competitors do indeed have their own Companies (and "VAT-vehicles") - who want to promote their business on-line can now use a new website at www.womenatwork.co.uk . This site also offers a UK Directory of women in business and is aimed specifically at the self-employed, freelancers, sole traders and those running small and medium-sized businesses.

"NASCAR Women : At The Heart of Racing" is a new book from American Publishers, David Bull Publishing, which reveals the diverse role of women in NASCAR racing. The author is Denise Wood and she profiles women who work with the racing teams, the media and the NASCAR Organisation itself. More from www.bullpublishing.com

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