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Companies That Hire Home-Based Workers

What's the worst part of your workday? Is it your job or all the work you do just getting to and from the office? Consider how much time you spend on packing your lunch, sitting in rush hour twice a day, deciding which grocery store is easiest to get to on the way home, not to mention the money you spend on dry cleaning your clothes.

Thanks to e-mail, remote desktops, PDAs and other technology, you can bypass these inconveniences and just work from home.

Many employers now include optional work-from-home days as an employee perk, and others are even making certain positions permanently home-based. In the last few years, the job market has seen an influx of companies that only hire at-home workers.

Plenty of people who are choosing to work for these companies. A recent survey finds that over 27 percent of employees telecommute at some point during the year. The chance to put in a full day's work while wearing pajamas is too appealing to pass up.

Who's Hiring?

A variety of companies hire home-based workers, and many entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses based out of their homes. The following companies offer work-from-home opportunities to job seekers:

Tips for Your Search

When looking for companies that hire work-from-home employees, here are some things to consider.

Tips for Working From Home

When you do land that home-based job, here are some tips to make your transition from the cubicle to the home office easier:

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