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YouTube Shows Why Senator Joseph Biden Must Block I-VAWA

My last article, Senator Joseph Biden: America’s Most Dangerous Global Bully , discusses the policy reasons why Senator Biden is wrong to expand the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and to export VAWA globally via federal funding, before substantive reforms are made to guarantee equal domestic violence services to both men and women.

Fierce feminists drove VAWA through Congress by manipulating facts about family violence, hollering abuse and shedding tears in the halls, and fooling Congress into thinking that feminists own the women’s vote. This is incorrect: The Independent Women’s Forum, the Concerned Women for America, and ifeminists represent the moderate position. All agree that VAWA must be reformed.

The congressional record on VAWA reauthorization shows no opposition to VAWA because Senator Biden refused to allow testimony not approved by feminists. Consequently, VAWA pretends that only men are violent, and is designed to prevent funding to any organization that helps men.

The recent beating of a ninth-grade girl, by three other girls, at a school in North Babylon, NY , brought national attention to the problem of violence by girls. This is just one of thousands of violent acts by girls and women that happen more often than we are willing to admit. YouTube has a very large collection of videos recorded on cell phones of street fights between young women, and women beating up men.

The truth is out there, and now the public testimony about VAWA will begin, courtesy of YouTube.

The days of feminist-dominated media censorship are over. Feminists go to great lengths to quash those who wish to instill equal protections in VAWA. Here is a YouTube video showing how feminists work, in this case noisily disrupting a forum about battered husbands . The tactics feminists use inside the beltway to quash reforms are equally obstreperous and crude.

The rest of this article — a sampling of YouTube clips — speaks for itself. This is not Hollywood. This is reality. These are actual violent videos, uncensored. Do not watch them unless you are ready to see and hear the truth.

You will see clips from all around the world, and learn that female violence is not simply an American phenomenon. Women are violent. They beat up each other, and they viciously attack their men too. The time has come to reform the Violence Against Women Act.


Videos with very long URLs usually carry a statement such as "This video may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube's user community."

Senator Biden must halt the inappropriate I-VAWA initiative, and devote full attention towards reforming VAWA, to address violence by both sexes with equal vigor.

America is no longer in the dark. We cannot accept sexist federal policy that hurts us all. Failure to do the right thing will end Mr. Biden’s presidential aspirations, and perhaps his political career.

I-VAWA would cause serious foreign policy problems because the U.N. Third Committee unanimously rejected the U.N. Secretary General’s report on Violence Against Women last November , on which I-VAWA is based. Many foreign nations and their citizens know that radical feminism is anti-marriage, anti-life, and anti-male. They will greatly dislike feminism being rammed down their throats by the United States.
Source: David R. Usher is Senior Policy Analyst for the True Equality Network and President of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition,

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