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What to Look for When Choosing Toys for Kids
Things to Keep in Mind
Choosing the Right Toys for the Right Age
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What to Look for When Choosing Toys for Kids

Toys play an important roll in the development of your child. Not only do they offer simple amusement, but they effect the growth of the whole child - physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially.

Appropriate toys and activities for young children aid in the development of important manipulative abilities by fine-tuning motor skills and helping to improve hand-eye coordination. Toys that children play with as a group also encourage social skills.

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when buying toys for children:

Choosing the Right Toys for the Right Age

When buying toys for children, make sure they meet all the following requirements based on the age of your child.

Infants to 18 Months

Toddlers Ages 1-3 years:

Preschoolers: Ages 3-6 years:

Ages 7 and older:

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