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Condoms are put to the test and the reviews are in. To Quote from Men's Confidential, "If testing the feel of condoms isn't wildly subjective, then we don't know what is." Despite the obvious, various magazines over the years have attempted to use personal experience as a measuring stick to rate one condom against the next. And while we agree that a consensus of experience can effectively sort condoms into the categories of "worth trying" and "don't bother," in the end the true test is going to be yours. Find a compilation of reviews from the 12/98 issue of Cosmopolitan, 10/98 issue of Glamour, 4/98 issue of Men's Journal, 8/97 issue of Men's Confidential, 8/94 issue of Men's Health, and the first review which appeared in the 2/94 issue of Men's Fitness


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