Male Privilege, A Different Perspective

Menstuff® questions "male-privilege".

The following may be a somewhat different perspective than what is usually written regarding Male Privilege. But, in fact, it is currently being thought that misogyny starts near the moment of birth for most boys. Shortly after birth, 70% of American boys have the privilege of being sexually mutilated (circumcised) compared to .4% in Great Britain. Is it any wonder that over 15 million men are impotent and another 12 million lack sexual desire.

Men have the privilege to grow in a society that encourages boys to "be tough". Dads and moms buy war toys. And, 64% of adolescent boys hit or beat-up another kid in the past year. In their lifetime, one in five men will spend a night in jail and men represent 70% of the prison population. Men also have the unique privilege of expecting to willingly give up life to protect others. (There are currently 78M MIAs (Missing In Action) from WWII and 3M from Viet Nam). More than 25% of Viet Vets suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And, because men are encouraged and expected to do the dangerous and risky jobs, 97% of industrial deaths and disabling accidents happen to men. 30 of every 1000 miners and 60 or every 1000 farmers died or were disabled on the job in one single year. And, while it is the privilege of men to give up 7 years of their life versus women, if we've been encouraged into pro-football, they will die 14 years earlier. And, if it's pro-boxing that they've been told "makes a real man", 87% of them will suffer brain damage. With all this, a man has the distinct privilege of 7 fewer years to enjoy life, 7 years less to enjoy their kids, 7 years less to enjoy their grandchildren (if at all) and 7 years less to play. If a man makes it to retirement, he'll die an average of 2 years later.

Men have been encouraged to "burn the mid-night oil" or the "candle at both ends" at work for that chance at the executive carrot that fewer than 10% of men will get. And, of all the baseball players who sign a pro contract, only 10% ever appear in a major league game. And, while still seen by most courts as having sole financial responsibility for the needs of the family, no matter what, 80% of the 8 million new jobs created went to women.

It has been the privilege of men to become "big boys who don't cry". The average man cries 1.4 times a month to 5.3 for women. The average American man touches another human being 6-8 times a day, 4-6 of them sexual. The average Spanish man touches another human being over 100 times a day, 6-8 of them are sexual. In marriage, while men take twice as long to commit, only 20% of them file for divorce and 80% of them say they would marry their former wives if they had it to do over (versus only 50% of the women). So, in divorce, 58% of the men say they are happier compared to 85% of the women and, if it happens, they will suffer 3 times more depressions, 2 times more illness. Men represent 75% of the mental ward population. And, while only representing 30% of the suicide attempts, men represent 80% of successful suicides (as adolescents or adults).

While this is not meant to defend men's past actions, and expects them to be accountable for them, this does lead one to think that maybe they aren't the only ones creating the world that provides this privilege. Would you trade places? - Gordon Clay

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