Dr. George F. Simons

Founding Board Member. 10/7/94 to present. George Simons is Founder and Principal of George Simons International, a Santa Cruz, CA consulting and training organization which specializes in gender and cultural diversity. With over twenty years experience in cross-cultural communication and global management, he is an internationally known counselor and author. Has has authored:  Working Together:  How to Become More Effective in a Multicultural Organization and with G. Deborah Weissman, Men & Women:  Partners at Work. (Crisp Foundation). The Questions of Diversity, a set of assessment tools (ODT Inc. and Pfeiffer, Inc.) Transcultural Leadership with Carmen Vazquez and Philip Harris (Gulf Publications). The Transcultural Communicator and The Gifts of Feedback with Castle Consultants (London, UK). Achieving and Managing Diversity, a video training series with Trimark Ltd (Canada). In the 1970's, he served as VP for Development at Vastle Consultants (London, UL) and Director of European Operations for Austin & Lindbergh, Ltg. (Brussels, Belgium). In 1975, while teaching at Oberlin College, he was named an Underwood Fellow for outstanding work in Human Development. For many years, Dr. Simons directed Hidden Valley Center for Men, whose purpose is to educate men to meet the stresses of changing gender roles. Working in English, German, Spanish and French, Dr. Simons has clients worldwide. Recent work includes:  Training international management and employees to communicate, negotiate and cooperate across cultures. Domestic gender and cultural diversity assessment, consulting and training. Training overseas managers to function effectively in a U.S. organization. Training multinational trainers. Training North American trainers for U.S. domestic diversity interventions. Diversity program design. And Public diversity and cross-cultural communication programs and keynotes. In 1994, he became a Founding Board Member of The National Men's Resource Center where he currently holds the position of Secretary/Treasurer. "Diversophy". gsimons@diversophy.com and www.diversophy.com

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