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Menstuff® has compiled the following alternative health resources for those with a health opportunity.

The Internet has become an important resource for information and research regarding medicine and alternative approaches to health care without regard to geographical boundaries. As you visit the sites listed in this guide, you will discover that they often have links to additional sites with valuable health information.

For a list of practitionsers who specialize in or work with cancer patients, organized by state, go to:

Ablin Foundation for Cancer Research The Robert Benjamin Ablin Foundation for Cancer Research is directed toward development and improvement of methods of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of prostate cancer. There are many good resources here on prostate cancer, including latest research findings.

About Male Breast Cancer This highly informative site includes extremely thorough general information about male breast cancer, a link to the Internet Male Breast Cancer online support group, FAQs, risk factors, treatment and medical references.

ACOR Oncology Resources This website provides a page of recommendations on urologists who specialize in testicular cancer. They explain that testicular cancer is relatively rare, accounting for only about 1% of all cancers affecting men. Approximately 7,500 men contract this disease annually in the U.S., and since there are around 8,000 board-certified urologists in this country, they may perhaps see only one or two cases a year. The doctors listed on this site have chosen testicular cancer as their specialty/area of research, and they have been specially trained to treat it.

Acupuncture This site includes information on the various areas of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, herbology and Qi Gong. It also has a nationwide directory of qualified acupuncturists, listed by state, making it easy to locate a practitioner in your area.

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research Publications Clearinghouse (AHCPR) AHCPR, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, supports research designed to improve the quality of health care, reduce its cost and broaden access to essential services. AHCPR’s broad programs of research bring practical, science-based information to medical practitioners and to consumers and other health care purchasers.

Alternative Medical Connection This site has books, products and information available on alternative/ complementary medicine. It also provides a comprehensive holistic practitioner referral database called MedSearch.

Alternative Medicine This site is a jump station for sources of information on unconventional, unorthodox, unproven or alternate/complementary, innovative and integrated therapies.

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) Naturopathic medicine emphasizes the treatment of disease through the stimulation, enhancement and support of a person’s inherent healing capacity. Like other complementary approaches to health, naturopathic medicine is gaining increasing and widespread acceptance as part of a comprehensive treatment program. Visit the AANP website for the name of a naturopathic physician near you, and for information on the subject as it relates to men’s cancer.

American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM) AAOM offers information about acupuncture and Oriental medicine as well as a referral list of practitioners nationwide. The AAOM keeps track of the more than fifty schools of acupuncture and more than 7,000 licensed acupuncture practitioners in the U.S. AAOM members are regarded as the highest qualified practitioners of Oriental medicine in the U.S.

American Board of Medical Specialists (ABMS) The ABMS maintains a database of physicians in all fields of allopathic medicine, useful for finding a certified physician located near you who specializes in men’s cancer or other related disorders.

The American Cancer Society The American Cancer Society is a voluntary organization with a national office at the above address and local units all over the U.S. It supports research, conducts educational programs, ad offers many services to patients and their families. Local chapters can sometimes provide additional services such as transportation.

American College of Advancement In Medicine (ACAM) Founded in 1973, ACAM is a nonprofit medical society dedicated to educating physicians on the latest findings and emerging procedures in complementary/ alternative medicine, with special emphasis on preventive/nutritional medicine. Visit their website for a referral to member physicians in your area who deliver chelation and other therapies, and for a comprehensive list of recommended reading.

American Foundation for Urologic Disease The American Foundation for Urologic Disease is dedicated to supporting research, education, and patient support services for those who have, or may be at risk for having, a urologic disease or disorder.

The American Herbalists Guild The guild, with members ranging from clinical practitioners to ethno-botanists, has become an important influence in the reemergence of medical herbalism in the United States. Herbs are used to treat a myriad of disorders. Consumers can contact the guild to obtain a directory of schools and teachers in their area.

American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) This nonprofit educational organization has compiled lists of self-help resources available in the U.S. These free materials, and a booklet, Wellness from Within: The First Step, which introduces the holistic approach to wellness, are also available.

American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA) A practitioner index compiled by the AHMA is a national list obtainable via mail request for $10 (check or money order). This referral directory includes nearly three hundred practitioners. The association’s website includes general reference and educational information about the holistic discipline and about the organization’s philosophy and principles but does not contain the practitioner list. Contact them for a referral to a practitioner knowledgeable about cancer.

American Institute Of Preventive Medicine This website of the American Institute of Preventive Medicine contains a testicular cancer and testicular self-exam. It also discusses testicular cancer risk factors and symptoms.

American Medical Association (AMA) The official website of the American Medical Association, this site provides information about specific diseases. There is also a “doctor finder” and “hospital finder” section that allows easy searches for medical professionals in your area that treat your specific medical needs.

American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) This organization represents occupational therapists, and provides referrals. See the Websites section of this guide for online access information.

The American Prostate Society The American Prostate Society is dedicated to encouraging the detection and treatment of prostate cancer before it becomes incurable, thereby cutting prostate cancer deaths by 50%. The society also works toward the reduction of unnecessary or ineffective prostate surgery. Back issues of their informational newsletter are available for a nominal charge to cover postage and handling. offers information about anal cancer symptoms, causes and treatment.

Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) This association, formerly known as the Biofeedback Society of America, will provide names, addresses and phone and fax numbers of chapters in your state. From your local chapter, you can then request a practitioner referral near you. The treatment modalities available are receiving increasing attention from cancer patients and practitioners who see the potential value of mind/body treatments in achieving and sustaining overall health.

The Ayurvedic Center For those interested in how they might integrate Ayurvedic principles into their overall health plan, they provide easy-to-understand information about Ayurvedic principles. A test is available to determine your own personal Ayurvedic constitution based on the fundamental theory of “tri-dosha,” which is explained. The Center uses these guidelines for balancing one’s Ayurvedic constitution through recommendations for diet and food, the use of herbal formulations, and Ayurvedic recipes and bodywork.

Ayurvedic The institute has a wealth of information on Ayurvedic medicine, its rich history and how it is used in modern society. Visit their website for more information on how Ayurvedic medicine can help the cancer patient.

Body & Soul Magazine Online This magazine offers articles on many different aspects of health. It also has links to other resources, including many health-related products.

Cancer Answers Cancer Answers was founded in 1961 by Dr. Jonathan Stillwell and provides thorough information on various types of cancer. It is useful in finding information on diseases such as penile cancer, where there are few lay books available on the subject. The website contains an excerpt of their report on penile cancer. Contact them, and they will electronically send or mail the entire report for a nominal cost.

Cancer BACUP Cancer BACUP’s Understanding Testicular Cancer is a very informative online booklet on testicular cancer. The site includes information on BACUP, and links to a great deal of useful general information on cancer.

Cancer Care, Inc. In association with the Prostate Cancer Education Council, Cancer Care offers information and counseling on prostate cancer to patients and their families. They can also sometimes provide assistance with non-medical expenses. While this is primarily a series of services for patients in the greater New York area, informational services can be accessed across the country.

Cancer News on the Net This is a great site with a wealth of credible and up-to-date information on cancer and prevention. It also includes online articles on related subjects, and links to related resources.

Cap CURE CaP CURE is an association founded by Michael Milken to support research for effective prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. It supports the work of top scientists at more than seventy research centers around the world.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) This site offers detailed information covering a wide variety of interests, including an interesting area devoted to scientific data and health statistics. Other areas provide materials on prevention strategies, health risks and how to obtain various publications. Entering “cancer” or other related keywords in their search feature will turn up a number of articles on the topic.

The Centers for Progressive Medicine: With two locations in the state of New York, each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation which includes a complete physical examination, medical history and a number of individualized tests and diagnostic services. The results of this testing is a comprehensive evaluation and a special treatment plan designed for the individual cancer patient. Chinese remedies, homeopathic medicines, diet modification, chelation therapy, enzyme potentiated desensitization, photo-oxidation and a variety of other treatments comprise the approaches utilized by these centers. Rhinebeck Health Center

City of Hope National Medical Center Researchers and resources are dedicated to developing innovative new disease-fighting strategies in the battle against cancer. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has designated City of Hope a “Comprehensive Cancer Center”—one of just a handful of elite institutions nationwide.

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) CARF provides a referral service for accredited rehabilitation practitioners in your area.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Program at Stanford (CAMPS) The aim of CAMPS is to supplement traditional approaches to medical care with less traditional techniques such as hypnosis, biofeedback, medical acupuncture, meditation, massage and psychotherapy support groups. In keeping with its philosophy that complementary and conventional medicine often work hand-in-hand, individual services are combined with a clinic offering comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning.

Consumer’s Information Catalog The CIC is a one-stop center for both print and electronic Federal consumer information. Their free Consumer Information Catalog is available for downloading from the searchable website or by mail. It lists more than two hundred free or low-cost booklets on a vast number of topics related to health, food and nutrition. Those seeking prostate cancer information will find the entry entitled, Understanding Prostate Changes—A Health Guide for All Men useful, as well as many other publications available. Consumer Information Center (CIC)

Cose Inc. The treatment offered at Cose, Inc. is a nitrogenated camphor derivative mixed with mineral salts. The goal is to fluidify the lymph, and to direct nitrogen to the cancerous cells in order to stop their toxic secretions which block the organism’s defense mechanism.

Disease Management Forum This site provides information on living with and managing specific diseases. It also includes nutritional and medical information.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) This FDA site discusses detection, diagnosis, staging, and treatment of testicular cancer. It also gives detailed self-exam instructions.

Guild for Structural Integration The Guild, founded by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, delivers Structural Integration, a form of bodywork, and can refer you to practitioners in the field.

Health on the Net Health On the Net Foundation is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Their website offers free access to MEDLINE (with unlimited use) from the National Library of Medicine’s search service. Their HON Media Gallery offers a searchable database of medical movies and images which includes x-rays and movies of surgery of interest to both medical professionals and lay people.

The Health Resource This is a medical information research service providing an individualized, comprehensive report on a specific disease or chronic condition to help the patient make informed health care decisions. They include both conventional and alternative treatments. Visit their website to place requests.

HealthWeb This site has an enormous database of health information. To find specifics on lung disease and related information, enter a key term, such as lung, into their search engine. Links to dozens of articles will come up.

HealthWise Healthwise is a service of the Health Education and Wellness program of Columbia University. At this site you can go ask “Alice.” Alice is a team of professionals who will answer your medical questions. The site archives previously asked questions and their answers and allows users to search them. It is one of the most user-friendly and valuable health-related resources on the internet.

HealthWorld Online This website offers free Medline searches. It also details complementary treatments for many diseases. See their “Diseases/Conditions” section for information on complementary options for prostate cancer.

Herbal Healer Academy, Inc. The Herbal Healer Academy is the leader in supplying natural medicines, correspondence, education and natural products, herbs, oils, books, videos, vitamins and homeopathic formulations.

Herb Research Foundation For $7.00, the foundation will send you information packets on herbal therapy for specific conditions.

Holistic Health Clinic at Lake Lure The Holistic Health Clinic at Lake Lure provides integrative health services that include referrals to specific physicians in those instances when conventional medicine may provide the best method of relief

Holistic Medicine Web Page There is a plethora of information on this website. You can find definitions and information regarding every facet of holistic medicine and healing. They maintain online articles on topics that include nutrition, yoga, breathwork, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and many other subjects. You’ll find more than 1000 links to other holistic healing sites, along with listings of conferences and retreats; case histories of healings and transformations; important news items; nationwide practitioner directories for all areas of holistic medicine; mailing lists and an extensive list of USENET groups.

Integrative Medical Arts Group, Inc. This informative website provides information on various alternative modalities, a products and services guide, nutritional information, links to medical organizations and health resources on the Internet, and an interesting listing of courses on alternative therapies taught at conventional U.S. medical schools.

International Cancer Alliance The prostate Steering Committee of the International Cancer Alliance relates the experiences of men who have prostate cancer and who have undergone treatment for this disease, in order to assist new patients in approaching their treatments.

Johns Hopkins University/Intelihealth The Intelihealth website provides information supplied by Johns Hopkins University. Their Quick InfoFinder gives you easy access to numerous diseases. The site is arranged in outline form, so you can choose how deeply you wish to delve. It supplies a good overview of prostate cancer. 

Johns Hopkins University/Intelihealth InteliHealth’s Testicular Cancer Page, the Johns Hopkins health information site, includes a good overview of testicular cancer, a health library, drug information, and news in the field of health.

Lehigh Valley Hospital Lehigh Valley Hospital’s Testicular Cancer Pages touch on testicular cancer diagnosis and treatment, treatment side effects, follow-up care, adjustment to testicular cancer, cause and prevention, and self-examination.

Library of Congress This Federal office publishes a free series of reference guides designed to help consumers locate published material on subjects about which they have only general knowledge and wish to become better informed. Information on cancer-related topics is included in the following bulletins: Biofeedback (83-1); Acupuncture (85-6); Stress: Physiological and Psychological Aspects (87-6); and Diet and Nutrition

(89-5). Refer to the bulletin numbers when ordering. Visit the website regularly as new bulletins are frequently made available.

Life Extension Foundation (LEF) The LEF website includes a wealth of information on both alternative and allopathic therapies for aging and specific diseases. Especially interesting are their suggested protocols for treating early- and late-stage prostate cancer.

Med Help International This “Virtual Medical Center for Patients” is a collection of information and professional medical support gathered from the best medical organizations and experts in the world. It contains a consumer health information library; medical specialty forums, including a good Urology forum with valuable information on prostate cancer and the opportunity to ask physicians questions online; a patient-to-patient network; two physician directories (board certified and patient-recommended); and daily medical and health news.

Medical Matrix Medical Matrix is a paid subscription service for medical professionals that provides access to online health-care documents and websites through their large database.

Mediconsult Mediconsult’s testicular cancer page incorporates medical news, educational materials, journal articles, and a listing of support groups and clinical trials. It also contains sections on stress, depression, and numerous other related topics

Memorial Sloan Kettering Memorial Sloan Kettering’s testicular cancer page contains the following: a testicular cancer overview, early detection, treatment, causes, life after testicular cancer, research, psychosocial support for patients and their families, and testicular self-exam.

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center. Mesothelioma cancer affects countless veterans each year. In addition, those at risk of developing mesothelioma include those who worked in shipyards such as the Brooklyn Navy Yard in NYC. Veterans from all branches of service are at risk of developing this disease, but the rates of mesothelioma navy cases remain the highest. In addition, men who served as firefighters or worked in mines are also at risk.

National Cancer Institute The National Cancer Institute site on men’s cancer, including penile, breast and testicular cancer includes detailed general information on the diseases. It also gives a toll-free number to speak to a live information specialist about your questions, and sources for cancer information service booklets on men’s cancer and self-examination.

National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) The NCH provides general information to the public about homeopathy and instruction in the subject to both public and professional practitioners for over seventy years. Homeopathy is not a new subject, but it is realizing increasing popularity in recent years. Contact the NCH for a qualified practitioner in your area.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship has earned the reputation of being a convener of cancer organizations and a broker of good policy information. If you are having problems in the workplace due to cancer, this is the group to contact. They are dedicated to providing advocacy for cancer survivors in the workplace, with particular emphasis on issues of discrimination. NCCS is frequently called on to provide testimony on issues of cancer survivorship to Congress.

National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) This is a very interesting website with a lot of information for caregivers. You can read about this organization and learn about the many services they have, such their quarterly newsletter, peer support network, resource guide for caregivers, national resource referral service and cards for caregivers.

The National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine (NIAM) The National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine is recognized as the largest and most authentic resource of information on Ayurveda in the U.S. It was established in 1982 by Scott Gerson, M.D. who is the nation’s only medical doctor to hold degrees in both Ayurveda and conventional allopathic medicine. Dr. Gerson’s medical practice has combined Ayurveda and conventional medicine for more than fifteen years.

National Institutes of Health This site offers an introduction to some of the many health information resources provided by the National Institutes of Health. Many resources are listed.

National Library of Medicine: MEDLINE MEDLINE is the National Library of Medicine’s premier bibliographic database covering the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, and more. It is easy to use and contains citations from over 3,900 biomedical journals.

National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) NORD is a clearinghouse for information about rare disorders. This site also provides a network for mutual support to match families with similar disorders.

National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC) NARIC is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) to serve anyone, professional or lay person, who is interested in disability and rehabilitation. Write or call them for information on rehabilitation, or access their website for 60,000 disability-related records in five searchable and browsable databases: literature, organizations, timely information, and the latest research. 

Natural Healing Online This site offers The Complete Guide to Natural Healing, as well as other health and non-health related items. It gives practical information and expert advice on how to help relieve symptoms, treat illnesses, slow down aging and increase energy and vitality.

New Life Health Center Founded in 1980, this center specializes in treating patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses, with considerable success. They offer a resident housing program as well as outpatient care which focuses on the disease as an imbalance accompanied by physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. An individually designed and integrated healing program is used for each patient to optimize immune power and achieve a state of natural physiological balance.

Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) Clearinghouse OAM offers a vast list of available publications on alternative medicine.

Patient Advocates for Advanced Cancer Treatments (PAACT) PAACT focuses on providing information and resources for patients seeking new forms of cancer therapy. Call or write for information. Their website also makes available back issues of their Cancer Communications newsletter, which feature helpful information on prostate and other cancers.

People’s Medical Society The People’s Medical Society, a nonprofit organization, encourages active involvement by patients in their own medical care. It advocates a code of practice, which emphasizes fairness and open communication with patients. They offer advice to medical consumers about reducing costs and improving the quality and safety of care through its newsletter and other publications. The society opposes unnecessary therapies and procedures, advocates access to medical records and encourages patients to be fully informed about their conditions and the treatments they undergo. Over seventy health-oriented books are available. Pleural mesothelioma is the most common type of mesothelioma, a rare cancer that develops in the lungs. It is almost solely caused by exposure to asbestos, which was used in everything in children's toys, house-hold insulation, and naval carriers. Our website has information ranging from a complete list of symptoms, to treatment options, and steps to take after a diagnosis. eMail or

Prostate Cancer Awareness Week - or

Prostate Cancer Patient Activist List PCPAL is the Congressional action website of the Prostate Cancer Patient Activist List, a group dedicated to increasing research funding and improving the climate of patient care. The site includes letters which you may mail to your legislators just as written or with your own modifications; instructions for copying and pasting the sample letters into online forms, email, or word processor; and links to sites that can help you identify your district’s representative, find the surface-mail addresses of your senators and representative; and send congressional email via an easy-to-use form.

Prostate Cancer Patient Information Center This website provides a wealth of information on the disease and its treatment. It includes a Prostate Cancer Resource Guide, patient profiles, information on the Living with Prostate Cancer video program, and more. www.aventispharma-us

Prostate Diseases and their Treatments A website sponsored by TAP pharmaceuticals. which provides information to help patients take part in the decision-making process around their treatment. It includes educational material, journal articles, conference highlights, news, clinical trials, drug information, outside sources, and a glossary.

Prostate Pointers Prostate Pointers is Gary Huckaby’s extensive and detailed list of sites on the Web containing information about prostate cancer, selected by a motivated prostate cancer survivor.

Rosalynn Carter Institute for Human Development The institute is dedicated to discovering new ways to benefit both informal (lay/family) and formal (professional) caregivers for persons with chronic physical illnesses, mental illnesses, difficulties associated with the frail elderly, or developmental disabilities. Georgia Southwestern State University

Team Surgery The possibility of going into surgery as an active participant with a strong team of family and friends is the core principle of preparing people for surgery that Barbara Riley developed in her Ericksonian hypnotherapy practice. It is founded on the belief that a well-prepared patient is a valuable team player and that your recovery is an extension of your preparation. Building on the pioneering principles of Dr. Herbert Benson, every class includes a variety of practical relaxation exercises.

Testicular Cancer Awareness Week - April 1-7 of each year.

Testicular Cancer Information & Support This site has been developed for the purpose of education and support for patients with testicular cancer and their family members. Contains many testicular cancer resources and testicular cancer articles, plus a links page with other resources, and a Support Forum page for sharing experiences and getting questions answered.

Testicular Cancer Resource Center The site contains general testicular cancer information, an email support group, a dictionary of common terms, questions to print out and ask your doctor, and over 700 links to other testicular cancer sites.

U.S. Healthcare This site is organized in a question-and-answer format, that discusses testicular cancer: what it is, who is at risk, symptoms, self-examination, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

University of Birmingham CancerHelp, published by CRC Institute for Cancer Studies at the University of Birmingham (UK), contains pages of information on all aspects of testicular cancer, including links to online support services, and help and support organizations, mainly in the United Kingdom.

University of Iowa (for Adults) Virtual Hospital, the University of Iowa’s medical information site, includes information on the institution plus a great deal of general medical information. Run a query on “testicular cancer” and you will be presented with a great many links to much valuable information, including a brochure giving a general overview of the disease.

University of Iowa (for Teens) Geared to adolescents and teens, this site gives monthly self-exam instructions, risk factors, and signs of cancer, and where to go for further information.

University of Michigan This website is a good resource for prostate cancer related information pertaining to diagnosis, staging, treatment options, specialists, investigational studies, and current research. It is intended for health professionals and patients alike, and contains sections featuring scientific and general articles on prostate cancer, information on clinical trials, an explanation of the stages of prostate cancer, treatment options, educational resources, a listing of physicians and scientists, and links to other useful sites.

University of Pennsylvania/Oncolink OncoLink is the University of Pennsylvania’s comprehensive oncology information resource. It includes general information about cancer, supportive medical care for the cancer patient, and medical issues related to cancer treatment. Their Prostate Cancer Overview page contains information from the National Cancer Institute as well as other comprehensive sites; answers to frequently asked questions about prostate cancer; and information on screening and diagnosis, risk factors and prevention, treatment options, and genetics.

US TOO! International US TOO! is one of the largest patient-organized support groups dedicated exclusively to prostate disease. It has local chapters all across America and is primarily focused on patient support. US TOO! groups offer fellowship, peer counseling, education about treatment options, and discussion of medical alternatives without bias. The website contains an extensive listing of local support groups, information on how to get peer counseling, and an information/literature request page.

Virgil’s Prostate Virgil’s Prostate, an “On-Line Guide to Fighting Prostate Cancer,” features an interview with Haakon Ragde, M.D. and others, plus links to health care providers, support services, and further information.

The Well Spouse Foundation The motto of this association is “When one is sick...two need help.” The Well Spouse Foundation, founded in 1988, is a nonprofit, self-help organization offers support to partners of the chronically ill and/or disabled through local support groups, a bi-monthly newsletter and round robin letter chains. Write or call for newsletter, publications, or information on conferences.

Internet Newsgroups A newsgroup is an online forum where users can share information through email exchanges. A subscription service, to access a newsgroup, you first need access to an Internet News Server. Most major Internet service providers include access to an Internet News Server as part of their service; ask your provider for the name of the service. Using this name, you can add a news account to your email software which will cause all recent messages from the newsgroup to appear in your email software when you load it.

You can also search for newsgroups on search engine sites such as With Google, access the home page, then click the Groups button. Enter a description of the topic you want to search for (such as diabetes), then click Google Search. A list of relevant postings will display.

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