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Be sure you get what you need. There are tests that are court approved and tests that merely give you confirmation. Some can be reported right over the net. Then, if you have confirmed what you want to confirm, but then need to go to court to prove it, you may have to retake the tests. Know what you want before you spend your spend your money.

Also, there is an over-the-counter paternity test kit marketed on a trial basis in several West Coast states in November, It's now available nationwide. Identigene, a Salt Lake City-based genetics company says that its DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit is now available in 4,363 Rite Rid stores in 30 states across the country. The kit retails for $29.99 and requires a $119 laboratory fee to obtain results. The kit includes cotton swabs that are used to rub inside the child's and possible father's cheek. The samples, along with consent forms, are mailed to Identigene's labs for processing, and results are returned in three to five business days.
Source: USA Today

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