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Men at Risk is actively compiling information on Suicide. If you are crisis, 1st call 911 while you're looking in the front of your local yellow pages for the number of the local suicide prevention hotline. If you can't get through to either of those, click on Emergency Numbers. Also visit which contains conversations and writings for suicidal persons to read, gay youth suicide at and youth: suicide at .

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Surgeon General Announces National Plan for Suicide Prevention

U.S. Surgeon General Satcher has just unveiled the National Plan for Suicide Prevention. The Plan acknowledges that males are four times more likely to die from suicide than are females. The federal government is finally beginning to recognize the problem of suicide among men.


If you want to contact the Surgeon General about the Plan, here is his address: David Satcher, MD, PhD, Surgeon General, 200 Independence Ave., SW. Washington, DC 20201 The full plan can be found at this address:

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