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10/19 - Improve your relationship



10/18 - Secondhand Smoke Facts

10/17 - A Dad Testifies for His Transgender Teen Daughter

10/16 - Women Want More Sex, Less Foreplay

10/15 -Health Concerns for Men

10/14 - Barbara C. Johnson is an Advocate of Court Reform and Attorney at Law in Andover, MA. She says "I've been called a Piranha by opposing counsel. Today I learned I am called a Poltergeist by court officials. My sons call me Mom. My grandkids call me Grandma. You can call me anything, so long as you bring scones for dinner!" Her web site for False Allegations is

10/13 - Sexuality and Physical Changes With Aging

10/12 - 14-Year-Old Removed From High School Football Team ... Because She's a Girl

10/11 - Are Polyamorists Commitmentphobes or Just Open-Minded?

10/10 - Indigenous Person's Day - (referred to by some as Columbus Day commemorating Europeans' arrival in the America's (but not any part of the United States of America - 1492); to remember and honor all of the Indigenous people's who were slaughtered, mutilated and enslaved by some early explores to our continent and other continents in the world. Day to mourn victims of conquest and oppression (past and present), make peace, and celebrate empowerment of Native Americans. Day for celebrating the positive life-affirming spiritual traditions of Native Americans and indigenous peoples worldwide.

10/9 - Slut Walk

10/8 - Revealed: the truth about brothels

10/7 - Herbal May Promote Apoptosis In Prostate Cells

10/6 - Prison Treatment Cuts Could Feed Recidivism

10/5 - Booster Seats Prevent Injuries and Save Lives

10/5 will see a Women Against Prostate Cancer Advocacy Day on the Hill (DC) See

10/4 - will see a Women Against Prostate Cancer Advocacy Day on the Hill (DC) See

10/4 - to John Lee (10/4/51) is a world-renowned expert on relationships. He is the best-selling author of The Flying Boy: Healing the Wounded Man. He has also published books on recovery and anger. He is a therapist, poet, teacher and humorist.

10/3 - Best, Worst Snacks For Kids Listed  

10/2 - Predictions for this Year's NFL Season  

10/1 - Top 25 Things Vanishing From America: Going, Going, Gone?

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