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7/13 - Poll: Family Ties Key to Youth Happiness


7/12 to Tom Williamson (1944) is the tireless, determined, dedicated president of the National Coalition of Free Men, one of the oldest, largest and most consistently active and productive masculinist organizations in America. E-Mail

7/11 - New Findings Offer Further Understanding About Growth And Development In Young Male Gymnasts

7/10 - High School Senior "Comes Out" in Assembly

7/9 - What Is Your Foreskin IQ?

7/8 - Sex: Fact and Fiction

7/7 - Just reviewed Dork Diaries: Tales from a not-so-fabulous life, Rachel Renee Russell, 4 stars

7/6 - 5 Myths About Sex After 50

7/5 to Richard Koob (1946). Born in the village of Iona, Minnesota, he is the founder/director of Kalani Institute for Culture and Wellness, and the Kalani Eco-Resort in Hawaii. Kalani presents a spectrum of events and gatherings for men. See "MEN'sFun" calendar at or

HappyBDay to Richard Koob, founder/director of Kalani Institute for Culture and Wellness in Hawaii. Many events and gatherings for men.

7/4 HappyBDay to Jim Schuneman who has been a men's group leader for over 20 years and co-created the Shadow Workshop

(1944) leads vision quests and enlightenment intensives, is dedicated to exploring the Great Mystery solo and with others.

7/3 - The Remote Control Penis

7/2 - Real Men Shed Tears: Why It's All Right to Cry

7/1 - Fireworks Safety Month

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