Mark Brandenburg has a Masters degree in counseling psychology and has been a counselor, business consultant, sports counselor, and a certified life and business coach. He has worked with individuals, teams, and businesses to improve their performance for over 20 years. Prior to life and business coaching Mark was a world-ranked professional tennis player and has coached other world-ranked athletes. He has helped hundreds of individuals to implement his coaching techniques. Mark specializes in coaching men to balance their lives and to improve the important relationships in their lives. He is the author of the popular e-books, 25 Secrets of Emotionally Intelligent Fathers , and Fix Your Wife in 30 Days or Less (And Improve Yourself at the Same Time ). Mark is also the publisher of the “Dads Don’t Fix your Kids” ezine for fathers. To sign up, go to or E-Mail him.

Accepting that I am the Problem
Accepting your children’s mistakes
Angry Fathers, Heart Attacks, and Kids
Anger in Fathers
Annoyed, Impatient Dads
Are you convinced that you're a good father?
Are Your Kids Driving You Crazy?
Are Your Kids Okay? How About You?
Are You Training Your Kids?
Battling the Closeness Issue
Being Kind, Not Right
Being Open for 'The Moment"
Be Smart With Your Children’s Feelings
The Big, Mean Dad
Can You Occasionally Take Your Kids Perspective?
Changing the Legacy of Violence
Charity Starts With Us
Children and Television
A Christmas Cry with Kids
Commitments for the New Year
Complaining to our kids
Dads, Give Them Household Chores
Dads, Know What Your Family Needs
Dads, Life, and Death
Disciplining Your Kids
Does Your Family have Down Time?
Do You Encourage Your Children to Play?
Do You Keep Your Promises to Your Kids?
Do You Let Your Children Help?
Do You Really Want a Relationship?
Encouraging Your Children to Play
Family Down Time
A Fathering Moment to Remember
Fathers and Sons
Fathers and Holidays
Fathers and Little Things
Father's Overwhelm
Family Rituals
A Father and His Son
Fathers, Anger, and Breaking Barriers
Fathers are often very effective handymen
Fathers, Daughters, and Eating Disorders
A Father’s Family Wishes
A Father’s Gratitude
Fathers vs. Mothers Parenting Style
A Fathers New Year
Fathers, Sons, and Masculinity
Fathers Tell Your Stories!
A Father's Day Gift - Touch
A Father's Value
Fathers who "Fix"
Feeling unappreciated in your family?
Finding Speical Time with Your Kids
Forgiving your Father for Fathers Day
Get Over it, Kid!
“Get up to your room!”
The Gift Every Child Wants
Gifts from Fathers
Give Your Kids Their "N" Medicine
Going Beyond "Getting Your Needs Met"
An Interview
Hard to Hear the Negative
Have We Reached the Bottom?
“Here’s your water bottle, James!”
Homework, Parents, and Kids
How are Your Family Rituals?
How can you help your kids to control their anger better?
How Do You Listen To Your Child(ren)?
How Do We Nurture Ourselves?
How do You Talk about Your Kids?
How We Benefit From Our Children
If You Love Someone, Set Them Free
I'm a Father, Doesn't Anyone Care?
Important Conversations with our Kids
Interpreting your child’s language
An Investment in Your Children
Invisible Fathers
Is This the Bottom?
Is There Hope for Overwhelmed Fathers?
I Yelled at My Kids
Kids Bugging Parents--Why?
Knowing Your Child’s Language
Learning from Crisis
Listening to the worst from your kids
Marriage, Divorce and Kids
Meals Together
Memories of a Father
Memories of Our Children
Men are Killing Themselves
Men, Wives, and Arguments
Mike's Christmas Envelopes
Moments to Remember
A "Moment" With my Son
My kids are driving me crazy!
150 Things Fathers can do for Their Kids
Parents, Chores, and Kids
Parents, Egos, and Organized Sports
Problems for Dads
Promises to Your Kids
Raising Boys
Raising Daughters (Understanding Women?)
Rewarding Your Children
Riding the Ups and Downs Are You Really Involved With Your Kids?
Rules for Fathers
Saving Memories of Your Children
Savor Your Family Now
School's Back, Now What?
The Shadow of Your Father
Shame on You?
Should Dads Tell their Kids the Truth?
Should You Tell Your Kids Everything?
Simple Living Amidst a Holiday Frenzy
Simple Living in an Age of Materialism
Skiing With My Kids
Spare the Child, Ditch the Rod
Taking Your Kids Perspective
Teaching your Kids Manners
Tell the Truth with your Kids?
Ten Reasons to Tell your Kids Stories
10 Ways to Avoid Arguing With Your Wife
Ten Ways to Avoid Parental Arguing
Ten Ways to be a Better Father
Ten Ways to get your Kids to Listen to You
Ten Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You
Ten Ways to Have More Responsible Children
Ten Ways to Have Responsible Children
Ten Ways to Have Responsible Kids
Ten Ways to Teach Values to your Kids
A Thank You to My Kids
30 Things That Really Matter for Fathers
Top Ten Ways to be a Better Father
Top Ten Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen to You
Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Kids from Fighting
Top Ten Ways to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids
Training Your Kids
T.V. Culture
TV, Video Games, and Your Kids
The 21st Century Parent
Using a Family Meeting
Using Time Outs
Wait 'Til Your Father Comes Home
Want Responsible Kids?
Want To Have Responsible Kids?
What Fathers Want?
What Not to Say to Your Kids
What's Wrong with Your Kid?
When Your Kid Ticks You Off
Why Should I Play with My Kids?
Wrestling With Your Kids
You and Your Kids Mistakes
Your Children’s Feelings

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