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Menstuff® has compiled information from the organization Children Now which is an independent, nonpartisan research and action organization dedicated to assuring that children grow up in economically secure families, where parents can go to work confident that their children are supported by quality health coverage, a positive media environment, a good early education, and safe, productive things to do after school. Children Now is financed through foundation grants, individual donations and support from the corporate community.

Children Now's Children & the Media Program works to improve the quality of news and entertainment media both for children and about children's issues, paying particular attention to media images of race, class and gender. We seek to accomplish our goals through media industry outreach, independent research and public policy development. Visit the Children & the Media Program Home Page at: Children Now - Children & the Media Program, 1212 Broadway, 5th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612 USA. 510.763.2444 or or

Top-selling Video Games Virtual Wasteland for Racial, Gender Diversity
Local TV News Distorts Real Picture of Children, Study Finds

Top-selling Video Games Virtual Wasteland for Racial, Gender Diversity

Most of the top-selling video games offer very little racial and gender diversity, according to a comprehensive study released December 11th by Children Now. White characters were the only human characters found in young children's games. Nearly all of the heroes in the games were white, and female characters were severely under-represented, accounting for only 16 percent of human characters.

The study, "Fair Play? Violence, Gender and Race in Video Games," found a lack of role diversity for females and characters of color. Female characters were most likely to be portrayed as props or bystanders (50 percent). Almost all African American females (86 percent) were victims of violence; African American and Latino men were typically athletes; and Asian/Pacific Islanders were usually wrestlers or fighters. In addition, there were no Latina characters.

Source: View "Fair Play? Violence, Gender and Race in Video Games" in HTML at:

Local TV News Distorts Real Picture of Children, Study Finds

Local television news broadcasts under-represent the presence of children in society, distort the level of crime committed by and against children and rarely focus on public policy issues that affect American families, according to a new study.

In addition, the study, entitled "The Local Television News Media's Picture of Children," found that more than one third of all stories about children depict them as victims of crime, contributing to a climate of fear for children's safety, by portraying them in grave danger and in need of protection. In particular, African American and Latino children are depicted in stories of explicit violence more often than other children, presenting an incomplete picture often lacking a relevant social and policy context.

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